Tonight’s TV Addict Must Watch: ELI STONE

eli stone cast

This TV Addict has faith. Faith that you will keep the pledge that you made last spring [did you really think I’d forget?] and tune into tonight’s season premiere of ELI STONE. The show that proudly proclaimed is, “Warm… charming… under-appreciated… and fit to practice.” And this TV Addict called last season’s best new show that you didn’t watch.

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  • Nick.C.

    I have hooked my sister and my best friend on this show this summer.
    I am so happy it’s back!I will be watching….

  • Linda B.

    I’ll be watching this and Fringe tonight (and Chuck left over from last night).

  • Eli Stone a comedy that tugs on the heart strings. I love this show, and hooked my sister, mother and a few people at work on to this show.

    Amazingly I can watch some episodes over and over, without complaint, like “Waiting for that Day”,

  • I will be tuned in for sure …

    This is such a feel-good show without being uber-cheesy!

    It was my favourite new show of last season, and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Josh C.

    i just finished watching the premiere and i am more convinced than ever that this is a show i never want to go off the air. It surprised me and the made my heart grow bigger. i love eli stone

  • Louis N.

    Greetings from Canada!
    I’m so happy that the show came back. I am sure that the future episodes will be as awesome as the season premiere.