I can’t believe you were in New York this weekend and didn’t let me know. I would have loved the opportunity to talk TV in person. — TVStalker32

The TV Addict: As much as I appreciate the email TVStalker32, I’ve seen enough episodes of ONE TREE HILL this season to know how this story ends. With me tied up in your basement forced to watch the complete series of 7th HEAVEN on repeat!

But in all seriousness, this TV Addict would really like to take a moment to thank everyone who emailed me this weekend with an invitation out. Had I known readers were actually interested in meeting face-to-face, I would have definitely taken time away from my endless cultural and educational museum excursions JACK & BOBBY marathon to have a meet-up in New York City.

Did you really stay in the hotel and watch JACK & BOBBY on all weekend long? — Amy

The TV Addict: If by all weekend long, you mean Sunday morning, then yes. But can you blame me? JACK & BOBBY is even better than I remember. And if a mash-up of EVERWOOD and THE WEST WING isn’t enough to intice you to give this brilliant-but-cancelled series a chance, how does this list of guest stars sound: Bradley Coooper, Evan Handler, David Paymer, Ron Canada, Keri Lynn Pratt, Kate Mara, John Heard, Kyle Gallner, Shailene Woodley and Mike Erwin. Not to mention series regulars Christine Lahti, John Slattery, Logan Lerman, Jessica Paré and Matt Long. All of whom can be seen on Seriously, JACK & BOBBY is the very definition of brilliant-but-cancelled.

This probably doesn’t fall under the prevue of, but what exactly did you do in New York all weekend? — Jenn

The TV Addict: Two words: Broadway and Brunch [well really food, but B&B sounds so much better]. But rest assured, I can tie it all back to television. Not only was BILLY ELLIOT the most magical theater experience I’ve had since Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel defied gravity [WICKED], Broadway’s BILLY will very soon play a pivotal role in an upcoming episode of UGLY BETTY when Justin befriends the school jock only to discover that they’re both auditioning for a role in the soon-to-be Tony Award winning musical.

After Monday’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is it safe to asume that Stella is not the mother? — Tegan

The TV Addict: While Stella may not be around in 2009, she looks to be the mother at least for a brief period of time. See these spoileriffic photos from next week’s episode. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, that is why I get paid the big bucks. Investigative journalism at its finest!

Dear TV Addict, I so XoXo’d Monday’s episode of GOSSIP GIRL. Got any scoop? — XoXo Mandi

The TV Addict: Dear Mandi, I’m totally with you. Monday’s trip to Columbia University Yale University was so much fun that the only thing that was missing, as Zap2it’s Daniel Fienberg so brilliantly put it, was Rory Gilmore as tour guide. That said, expect things to get ever more scandalous for our favorite Upper East Siders on October 27 when THE OC’s Willa Holland drops by as a young model who encourages “Little J” to explore her wild side and Serena meets artist/love interest Aaron Rose.

Please tell me that Kevin Walker doesn’t really go back into the closet for the sake of a promotion? — Jake

The TV Addict: You’ll be happy to know that by Sunday, Kevin Walker will be offered a very interesting new job that will bring him back into the family business. But keep in mind, my fellow BROTHERS & SISTERS Addicts. There is more than one family business when you’re talking Walker.

Any celebrity sightings in New York? — Dave

The TV Addict: Does being told I ate in the same restaurant [5 Napkin Burger, which I wholeheartedly recommend by the way] that Lauren Graham ate in the day before count? If so, then yes.
I’m in love with PRIVILEGED, got any scoop? — SageNRose4vr

The TV Addict: I’m so happy you’re in love with PRIVILEGED and would love to give you some scoop. But before I do — if you don’t mind — go tell one million or so of your friends to tune in, as the show could really use a ratings bump. Done? Here it goes. In two weeks time, fans will finally meet Megan’s much talked about father played by 24’s John Allen Nelson. And for more PRIVILEGED scoop, head on over to’s Korbi who has a great interview with executive producer Rina Mimoun.

And now for Ask the Addict Lighting Round. Actual queries that readers have typed into Google to find

“Canadian who was on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT”
Michael Cera was born in Brampton Ontario which is a smallish city outside of Toronto. Currently Cera can be seen playing what I can only assume is himself in the delightful NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST

“Is Marc from UGLY BETTY really gay”
Is the sky really blue?

“Where can I watch SUPERNATURAL in Canada?”
SUPERNATURAL airs across all “SunTV” stations on Thursdays at 9PM.

“Recently cancelled HBO series”
Can you be more specific? There’s a long list including: JOHN FROM CINCINNATI, DEADWOOD, LIFE WITH LOUIE and IN TREATMENT.

“Will they ever remake THE WEST WING”
A TV Addict can dream can’t he?

“Which episode does Mary Louise Parker appear topless on WEEDS”
Honestly, do you people ever get tired of searching for Mary Louise Parker nude? Apparently not. And to answer your question, she definitely appeared nude this past season on WEEDS.

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  • Ash

    Well I’m glad I’m not the only loyal reader (stalker) that tried to get you out in the city.

    Too bad you didn’t come out on Monday because you missed the chance to see Michael Urie, Rachel Dratch, Kristen Johnston, Richard Kind and Sherri Shepard perform.

  • Krystal

    :O You got to see Kristin and Idina in Wicked. You officially suck….but I still enjoy your site 😛

  • Rocky

    As I wont be around by the weekend and will miss “Best quotes” of the week I already wanted to send in my favorites this week so far … because they are really great IMO

    Dan: “Most adults would tell you almost anything to eat your veggies. And most of it is not true”
    Jamie: “Well, carrots really do give you xray vision, right?”
    – One Tree Hill

    Adam: “You little japanese nazi”
    – Heroes

    Deb: “A baby? A motherfucking rolly polly, chubby cheeked shitmachine?”
    – Dexter

  • Nick

    I’m glad someone else appreciates the greatness of JACK & BOBBY. Unfortunately, it seems that anytime the public is offered something “intelligent” to watch, they inevitably choose mindless reality crap instead. I’m embarrassed to live in such a society.

  • Marisa

    Has IN TREATMENT really been cancelled? I thought Gabriel Byrnes and Diane Weist were back for season 2 – please tell me it ain’t so!!!

    I also loved Jack and Bobby. Ahhhhhh memories…..

  • It’s funny that someone asked about The West Wing. The other day I was thinking how nice it would be for The West Wing to return. You wouldn’t have to remake it, just resume it.

    In TWW universe, elections are two years offset from real life. So, they could re-start the show in 2010, showing the re-election campaign of Pres. Matt Santos. Either he wins, and the “new” show is about Santos’s 2nd term, or his opponent wins, and the show takes on a Republican spin. Don’t groan over that. Democrats aren’ perfect either, and Jed Bartlett was idealistic by anyone’s standards. The new show could be about an idealistic Rep. president.

    I’m watching reruns of TWW on Bravo and of The Practice on FX. Comparing those excellent shows to today’s TV depresses me. Remember when NBC was still classy enough to have a show like TWW?

    Right now, I have a 3-strikes policy going with Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, Fringe, and maybe even Life on Mars, and they’re all surviving so far. The quality of TWW and Practice, however, is tempting me to stop wasting time and just drop those three or four shows immediately. I’m going to be more lenient with Sanctuary though, because it’s made by the Stargate producers, and sci-fi shows typically need more time to germinate.

    Oh, no spoilers, but after one thing that happened on this week’s Heroes – – Strike One !!!

  • Mohammad

    Jack & Bobby was amazing.

  • Linda B.

    Wasn’t Scott Foley on an episode of Jack and Bobby? You forgot to include him in the list of guest stars you mentioned.

  • Linda B.
    You are so right! He was in the big ‘election’ episode that I just watched. My Bad 🙂

    Todd W in NC,
    This week was the first episode of HEROES I ever missed, and you know what, I find myself more than fine with it!

    IN TREATMENT is Dead. It was originally picked up for a second season, only to be dropped when a new regime took over HBO.


  • Jake

    I miss Jack and Bobby! That was a brilliant show!

    Oh I love Privileged! But since I’m tuning in from Canada, I don’t think I contribute to the ratings. Let’s hope it’ll pick up a bit when it returns in 2 weeks.

  • Shannon

    When was In Treatment cancelled? I can’t find any news saying it was. Do you have a link or anything?

    Thank you!