ELI STONE Rewards Us For Keeping the Faith

eli stone

Unlike many of the this TV Addict’s favorite returning fall shows, last night’s season premiere of ELI STONE did not disappoint. And not just because episode writers Leila Gerstein and Alex Taub managed to give ALIAS fans a SpyDaddy Jack Bristow shout by naming the bank in which Jordan Weathersby found himself trapped in ‘Credit Dauphine.’

Rather, ELI STONE succeeded because it surprised us by definitively answering the one question viewers have been pondering all summer long [What’s the deal with Eli?], delivered an opening dance number that would make any fan of time-slot lead in DANCING WITH THE STARS proud [Here’s hoping DWTS fans stuck around!] and most importantly, managed to catapult the show in a completely new and exciting direction.

But first off, let’s deal with the surprise. It turns out that Eli’s therapist played by Sigourney Weaver was in fact a messenger sent from God. And while the “Special Guest Star” billing probably should have been a tip off, this TV Addict honestly didn’t see it coming. For showrunners Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim to make Eli’s path so clear so early in the show’s run is pretty much unheard of. Does TV 101 not dictate at minimum, another two seasons of is-he-or-isn’t-he a conduit from God Questions?

Apparently not.

Which frankly, is refreshing. Because Eli’s definitive status as ‘chosen one’ is about to take the show in a very interesting direction. Where exactly we’re not entirely sure. Especially since this TV Addict doesn’t have an inoperable brain aneurysm that affords for sneak peaks into the future. But if we were to make a few predictions, here’s hoping that we see (1) A continuation of last season’s “Live Strong” movement. (2) For things to heat up between Eli and Maggie (3) For the line to be drawn between believers like Eli, Nate and Jordan versus non-believers like Taylor Weathersby, Matt Dowd and Martin Posner. Oh, and while we’re dreaming would it be too much to ask to have an appearance by Arvin Sloane [Ron Rifkin] as some sort of evil corporate baddie?

Agree, Disagree, Post away!

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  • Nick.C.

    I totally agree!That episode did not disappoint.I liked how the opening dance and song kinda made fun of the shows song and dance moments.The episode also answered questions and summed up the aneurysm removal /no more visions story in one good episode.(i hate when shows take a couple of episodes to get back on track)I feel like this show is living for the moment with its story lines.Its like the show runners know that it could be canceled so they are pulling out all the stops and not weighing it down.Jonny Lee Miller is so good in this role.I hope he gets the credit he deserves.His chemistry with Julie Gonzalo(Maggie)is one of my favorite parts.I hope we see Sigourney Weaver from time to time.It adds a lot knowing that someone has a direction for Eli.
    Sorry to go on so long,I Love This Show!

    Oh yeah,and Julie Gonzalo is gorgeous!!!!

  • Naf

    Great episode, and the show also did good in the ratings last night. 8.82 million, a 44 percent increase over its Season 1 finale according to TVGuide.com

  • Josh C.

    last nights eli stone was the best episode of any tv show ive seen this season, whether it was a premiere or not. I agree the therapist being a vision totally caught me by surprise. I couldn’t even have predicted that if I tried. Sigourney Weaver was TERRIFIC!! I really hope they bring her in for a few more episodes down the line as the messenger. So not only did Eli surprise me, it made my heart grow. Eli saved his brothers life and sacrificed his own. I couldn’t have asked for anything better to watch on a tuesday night. Thank god ABC already ordered 4 more scripts! I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly fix.

    Do you know how many eps that totals for season 2 so far??

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  • Linda B.

    I loved the Credit Dauphine reference. I had to rewind it to see if i heard it correctly. That was so cool they put that in.

    I loved the quote from Eli’s brother hoping he doesn’t start seeing the other guy from Wham! Whatever that exact quote is, I’m already submitting it for your quotes of the week.

  • Hands down, this was the best season premiere this fall. So pleased that Eli Stone is back with some great twists and turns. Hopefully it can retain its jump in numbers.

  • GIGI

    WOW! I really enjoyed this episode. It was great and the Sigourney Weaver character was such a wonderful twist to this show. I have been a fan of this show since last season and so glad to see it back. Love its premise and love the whole spiritual journey road we are taken on. I was a fan of Moonlight and still in mourning over its cancellation, but Eli is such a wonderful show and Jonny Lee Miller is a great actor!!

  • EKI

    I really liked the episode, though there’s only one thing that I didn’t bought.

    Taylor’s change of mood while getting out of court came kind of out of nowhere. I could blame it on the final editing of the episode or, less likely, in Ms Henstridge not knowing how to transmit the evolution of her character throughout the episode. But given the situation she was living, that sudden change of mind felt weird to me.

  • Finally! I’ve just read three articles giving “eh” to “NO” reviews for last night’s premiere and I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who loved it! I really liked Sigourney Weaver’s charachter…and I still think Nate’s line about whether he’d start seeing the guy from Wham was pretty damned funny. I’m excited for next week!

  • Mariam

    I completely agree about Eli and Maggie!!!…That’s the part I love best about Eli stone!!!

  • Credit Dauphine – “Bunch of pond scum” -> Kinda accurately describes SD-6 doesn’t it?

    Loved the return of Eli Stone, and no more baby steps, lets go for broke. The only thing I am worried about is the sophomore slump, and like Joan of Arcadia, once you confirm the “big Guy” up there, ratings decline. We need more people to see this.

    Doesn’t Taylor have a sister or cousin (maybe played by Jennifer Garner)? 🙂

  • ct

    You know, I didn’t watch… but somehow, it seemed REALLY obvious to me — just from the commercial — that Weaver would be God/a messenger of God. I mean, it was Sigorney Weaver for heaven’s sake!