Good News, Bad News: Jason Priestley, Lauren Conrad & ELI STONE

Good News: Jason Priestley’s Brandon is returning to television. Bad News: On an episode of MY NAME IS EARL which is pretty much as far away from the zip known as 90210 as you can get. [Source]

Good News: Lauren Conrad says she’s finally ready to quit THE HILLS. Bad News: We’re pretty sure she’s been ready to ‘quit’ THE HILLS for three seasons now. Hey Lauren… we’re still waiting! [Source]

Good News: ABC has ordered four additional scripts from ELI STONE showrunners Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. Bad News: NBC ordered four more scripts of KNIGHT RIDER. [Source]

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  • Yeah – Good News/Bad News!!!

  • I keep forgetting to record another episode of Knight Rider just to see if the negatives of the TV movie, the series premiere, and the overall look of the show are just flukes. 😉 A season pass would be the easy way, but I can’t bring myself to do that.

    Seriously, has it improved at all since the premiere?