GOSSIP GIRL Spoilers: New Couple Alert!

gossip girl spoiler pics

OMFG! You will not believe which of your favorite Upper East Side Consonants are hooking up when GOSSIP GIRL heats things up for November Sweeps. B & C? D & S? J & N? Check out the photographic evidence for yourself.

gossip girl spoiler pics

gossip girl spoiler pics

gossip girl spoiler pics

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW © 2008

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  • nctodc

    Jessica Szohr spoiled this in her interview with TV Guide–there’s going to be a triangle between Jenny, Vanessa and Nate…they started laying the groundwork for that in Monday night’s episode.

  • TVcrazy

    i used to really hate the idea of Nate/Jenny and even said that Nate/Vanessa any day is better than Nate/Jenny. but after seeing how annoying Vanessa can get with more screen time, i think maybe i can go with the Nate and Jenny thing. or Nate and anyone else but Vanessa (altho i’m really shipping Nate/Serena).

    i just have to try and forget that Taylor Momsen is 15 and Chace is what, 23?

  • Kary

    Awww they look so adorable…

    i ship Nate with Serena or alone, but i like this as a temporary thing…

    I also like him with Blair, but she’s my Chuck’s baby=P

  • Danielle

    hell yea!! Nate and Jenny are awesome together! I hate Nate/Vanessa. Nate/Jenny is so much better. There’s a sweetness to them, an innocence almost.

    The age of the actors shouldn’t matter that much. They are making out. It’s really not that bad.

  • Ashley

    EEEEEEEEEEE! So excited! I love Nate and Jenny and these pictures are to die for! Sooo amazing!! I cant wait! They’re adorable <3 <3

  • JR

    Nate & Jenny for the win! <3
    the chemistry is just undeniable !

  • Sup

    That is so wrong! Chace is nearly ten years older than Taylor.. she’s not even legal! See this is the problem when you cast older actors to play highschoolers! Even Chace has said its massive awkward and he wishes they didn’t put the characters together! So so so wrong. And the sad thing is this pairing could have been so awesome if they had just cast an older Jenny or a younger Nate!

  • Ashley

    They’re actors its called their job, really not a big deal!! Adorable! Love all the pictures!

  • HR

    Well this…
    is unfortunate. The age difference makes me cringe.
    How can anyone root for a Nate pairing when he flip flops so damn much?

  • Cris

    Annoying!!! really don’t like them! I really loved Jenny in the beginning but after she went plastic, ick, i just wanna snap some sense into her! And Nate…really, kudos! awesome way you’re going this season…

    I really hope we get to see someday Nate/Serena =)

  • JR

    people need to STFU about the age diff
    they’re actors, its their job, i agree with Ashley
    they look adorable together!
    love them

  • Natasha

    I’d really much prefer Nate and Vanessa. Nate and Jenny are cute and all, but she is out of control as it is, and he can barely handle his own life. V is much better for him.

  • HR

    Who cares if they’re actors??? Chace does not look 17. So I don’t see a 15 and 17 yr old kissing.

  • Nina

    Ugh, I DON’T love them together. Why must Nate hook up with everyone?

    Nate and Vanessa, please.

  • Eeee

    Omg!! Wow…I’m so excited
    I love Nate/Jenny and these pictures are so amazing.

    (And anyway their age doesn’t matter, they’re actors doing a job and close friends in real life.)

  • kirsty

    who really cares about age difference when in the show there not really that age
    they have amazing chemisty!
    and they are thee most photogenic couple there is!

  • Noelle

    I’m so happy about this couple! They rock! And their chemistry is undeniable. And Sup, Chace did say it was awkward, buy he never said he hoped they didn’t end up together. Plus, he has to say that to fend off all the crazy people that think they’re together in real life.

  • Alex

    why does everyone hate Vanessa soo much?

    i do agree last season she was a bit of a pain

    but i grew to like her ESPECIALLY with Nate.

    on the other hand the humphreys are starting to annoy me.

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  • kirsty

    i know people are saying like that chace said it was akward…
    where did chace say it was awkward… i wanna see

  • Natty

    I want Nate and Serena together!! I loved them on the first episode of this season. =(

  • charlie tuna

    I LOVEEEE Gossip Girl so much! and even more, i cannot wait for their first ever soundtrack! OMFGG comes out on October 28th and with 13 songs from the past season, its a must for all fans!

    im still hoping for nate/vanessa!!

    http://www.omfgg.com for more.

  • Jessica

    OMG Eeee! This is so awesome!!! They look absolutely adorable together!! Cant wait to see this!

  • Chloë

    YAY !!! finally !!! it’s about darn time, that first picture is just cute, don’t you think? And I get why some people argue about the age-difference thing, but seriously guys, they’re (in the show) playing teenagers with only 2 years age difference, I mean COME ON ! it’s not exactly page 6 news now is it?


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  • ILoveSecrets

    I’m not liking Nate and Jenny. And Taylor is only like 16 and Chace is in his twenties so that’s kind of weird. But Jenny and Nate as a couple just doesn’t do it for me. Jenny is just…. ugh. I personally like Vanessa and Nate better then Jenny and Nate. Actually I would like anyone with Nate besides JENNY! That’s the worst couple ever!

  • Ash

    Jumps up and freaking down with joy! Finally!!!!!!

  • dfrhdfh

    How old are those leaving replies? 12? Jesus, go back to school kiddies.

  • Bern

    What the?! I thought Jenny would would be better now. What’s with the “i am not going to disappoint you dad!” thing?! And Nate…. why does he hook-up to anyone else in the cast. But still… i prefer J & N (cute..adorable..yeah) instead of V & N ( this is yucky!!!!!)

    **Didn’t you guys notice Taylor’s new look!?? It; cool and all.. but she doesn;t look like a teen anymore..just look at those eyes!!!

  • I think people should just relax it’s only season 2 and there are more to come to come and sorces say they won’t become a real couple there be like kissing and i think it sayed a possible sex scene but i think the actors knows boundries and if they crossed them by this then it’s no big deal there capable of what ever it is they are doing it a show not REAL LIFE. and if you want my opinion i think she might just be what he needs a slow down from his hoe down. ( BUT I HAVE A FEELING THERE SLEEPING TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE I MEAN I KNOW SICK BUT STILL THERE ALWAYS TOGETHER IT FREAKY)

  • kirsty

    i really hope they become a propper couple i couldnt handle it if nate ends up with vanessa…
    they are the only 2 i ship really
    but as frankie said theres many more season to come so how knows whats going to happen?

  • I dont like them 2 together!!!! First of all its not age its just that he looks much better w/ Blair. And as painful as dis is 2 say… even Vanessa is better than Jenny. But Blair already hated Jenny, imagine her when they go out. PLUS if Vanessa was actually her friend she wouldnt date her ex…. dats 2 show dat Jenny IS NOT such a good person!!!

  • DTC

    Oh no, this is terrible news. I love Nate and Vanessa. They were the only pairing that actually worked on this show. Jenny is just too immature to be with Nate and Vanessa is so perfect for him. Both the characters of Vanessa and Nate come alive when together. Two characters that I didn’t care for, instantly became the biggest draw of the show for me. They were a breath of fresh air. Yuck. I don’t think I am going to be as interested as I was before. I usually can’t miss an episode.

  • Angela

    These two make a very attractive couple. I was switching channels and saw them kiss on tonight’s episode. All I have to say is that they have perfect chemistry. I will be watching next week’s episode of Gossip Girl for these two.

  • Georgie

    Omg people Age different is not a problem , Gosh They are Actors they have to do this its not reality , And I reckon besides the age diff They make the story interesting Like you want to see what happens next . Thats what the writers and directors do , its their job you wouldnt want the story to end and everyone got who they wanted They probably all end up happy and they dont expect you to know whats going to end up happening just after one episode oh and also everyone has differences .

    Xo Go Nate and Jenny