Good News: AMC has green-lit a third season of its critically acclaimed original series MAD MEN. Bad News: MAD MEN mastermind Matthew Weiner still hasn’t signed onto the dotted line. No doubt hoping for a [much-deserved] mad raise. [Source]

Good News: The Sci Fi Network has officially confirmed that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA will commence its final season swan song on January 16, 2009 at 10PM. Bad News: What aren’t you getting? BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is finally coming to an end. Frak No! [Source]

Good News: ABC cancelled OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS. Bad News: Only to replace it with yet another hour of DANCING WITH THE STARS. I mean you’d think ABC learned nothing from the time they ran WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE into the ground. [Source]

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  • Linda B.

    Oh good, BSG is back on Fridays. Wasn’t it on Sundays for a while? I hated that.

  • Mad Men really is quite brilliant. Its good they are getting close to a deal but I really don’t understand why negotiations have had to drag on for so long. This show is good enough to be on any channel right now, possibly the best show on TV currently.

    Adam L