Post Your Favorite TV Quotes of the Week

It’s Friday and if you’re a frequent visitor to — you know what that means! Time to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

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  • nctodc

    Callie to Erica on their first date – “Maybe it’ll be the best vacation either of us has ever had, but it’s mysterious and dark and there should be rules. And an embassy and a safe word”

    Crazy McCain Rally Lady on SNL: Weekend Update -” Barack Obama cohorts with terriers.”

  • Rod

    Dean on Supernatural: “I’ve been re-hymenated; and the dude will not abide.”

  • Lauren

    After Heidi announces that Tim Gunn is guest judge:
    Kenley: “mmmmkay, maybe i should have improved my attitude…”

  • Linda B.


    “So you guys are like Mulder and Scully or something? The X-files are real?” – Jaime
    “No, the X-files is a tv show. This is real.” – Dean

  • My favourite line of the week isn’t G-rated, but I’ll bleep out the bad words …

    Debra Morgan’s reaction to the fact that her brother Dexter is going to be a daddy:

    Debra Morgan: “A baby? A motherf%&*ing roly-poly, chubby- cheeked, s%*t machine? Are you kidding me?”

    Dexter Morgan: “I’ve never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah.”

  • I should probably mention, my favorite line of the week was not surprisingly from the mouth of UGLY BETTY’s Wilhelmina Slater.

    “So I suppose you heard — Alexis got community service. If I’d had known this is how the system worked, I’d have tried to kill more often.”

  • foursweatervests

    Pushing Daisies:
    Emerson Cod to Olive: What got thee to a nunnery?
    Ned: Nun on the run!

    Dean: I’ve been re-hymenated!
    Sam: Please! Maybe angels can pull you out of hell, but no one could do that.

  • Elizabeth

    “Astird” – The Office

    Robin’s drunken “SuperCanadian” rant

    “Dear Marshall, I do not like that stupid hat. I want to beat it with a bat. Or maybe stab it with a fork. It makes you look like such a dork.” – Robin

  • Alison

    all of the office!

    my favorites.. Micheal: “I came to talk to Holly about her hygiene, she smells like old tomatoes and dirt.”

    Jim’s chart and “Micheal is related to this baby through.. delusion.”

    Dwight birthing a watermelon!! too funnyy.
    “Oh No! I’m crowning” and “Mark the baby secretly with a kind of mark that only you recognize and no babysnatcher can copy!”
    “Growing up I performed my own circumcision.”

    haha jims face during the “birth”

  • Just Jody

    “I’ll give you summer teeth. Some are here, some are there.”
    Robin – HIMYM

  • Josh Emerson

    Robin, HIMYM:
    “You’re nuttier than a Tim Horton’s maple log!”
    “Take off. Hoser.” (is that what she said?)
    “Stanley Cup. Game six, eh. The rangers are aboot to be sawry they ever played ___ with the Canucks.” (i can’t tell what word she’s saying! lol)

    I also loved what Deb said on Dexter that was mentioned above:
    “A baby? A motherf%&*ing roly-poly, chubby- cheeked, s%*t machine? Are you kidding me?”

  • kdd

    Billy to Tim Riggins…
    “you are a just a rebound…a rebound from jesus!”

  • Patty

    Dean: Thus, my virginity is intact.
    Sam: What?
    Dean: I’ve been re-hymanated and that, dude, will not abide.


  • Josh, the word you’re missing is shinny, as in shinny hockey.

    I love the “Tim Horton’s maple log” quote, too … it was my Facebook status for a couple of days earlier this week 🙂

    I’m Canadian … Tim Horton’s and hockey are national treasures … as is the Molson’s that Robin had indulged in!

  • Shelly

    Not sure of the exact wording from this exchange.

    Jamie: “Maybe you’re lonely because you kill people.”
    Dracula: “…or maybe I kill people because I’m lonely.”

    And Dean’s ‘re-hymanation’ speech. Ha.

    Sam: “Hello there, Hansel.”
    Dean: (In lederhosen) “Shut up.”

  • Kristen

    Desperate Housewives

    Gabi- Are you saying she’s fat for her age?
    Susan- I’m saying she’s fat for YOUR age!

  • Mel

    ‘I’ve been re-hymenated.” Dean from Supernatural