Random Musings: CRUSOE, THE OFFICE, 90210, 30 ROCK & TV Guide

Is anyone else still scratching their head over NBC’s decision to offer up a FREE iTunes download of 30 ROCK’s season premiere a week early when you purchase the October 27th issue of TV Guide Magazine? I mean don’t get me wrong, this TV Addict is all for free iTunes downloads, after-all, who doesn’t love free stuff [see today’s previous post.] I’m just not so sure that TV Guide was the right strategic partner considering that the once mighty guide now finds itself in such dire financial straits that it was recently sold for $1 [no really, one dollar!] That and, I’d hazard to guess that the people who still use TV Guide as a “Guide to What’s On” include some of the few remaining folks who are old enough to remember when 30 Rockefeller Center was built. Not exactly NBC’s desired demographic. Paging Entertainment Weekly… anyone?

With the one caveat being Michael wanting a “Golden Shower” of his very own, was I the only TV Addict who found last night’s episode of THE OFFICE quite possibly the least funny of the entire series?

Now that 90210 has dropped Jessica Walter as a series regular and with her, the impetus for the Mills family move to West Beverly — this TV Addict can’t help but wonder how long until showrunners Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah and newcomer Rebecca Kirshner decide to take the next logical step, send the rest of the Mills family back to Kansas and refocus the show on the only family anybody cares about — The Taylors [Jackie, Kelly and Silver].

Are you watching CRUSOE tonight? Because this TV Addict finds himself somewhat intrigued. Mind you, not intrigued enough to stay home, or even bother to watch the screener that has been collecting dust on my coffee table for two weeks. But all the same, I’ve always had a thing for the book growing up and will definitely be checking the series out come tomorrow morning thanks to the magic that is my PVR.

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  • Naf

    I loved The Office! It’s the best character driven show on television at the moment. Jessica Walter being dropped from 90210 gets me less interested in the show, but she’ll still be popping up, and she hasn’t been featured much yet anyway. I hear the new script writers are improving the show, and we should see some changes by episode 10?

  • Jonah

    Dude, watch The Office again. I think you’ll catch more “funny” the 2nd time through. Jan singing–seemingly oblivious to everyone–was worth the price of admission. We gotta have more cowbel….er, JAN!

    Also, 90210 has already soooo misused Jessica Walter. The cast is so freakin’ sprawling, it’s almost impossible to give anyone some real story or character development. And I ain’t sure the ones they’re focusing on are the most interesting/compelling characters, either. First, how inconceivable is it that a plain-jane drab chick like Annie wouldn’t stick with that incredibly hot tall guy (played by Adam Gregory)? I mean, seriously.

    New writers….do us all a favor, and give Jessica more to do.

  • theo

    CRUSOE looks all kinds of bad, but I might tune in. That sucks about that TV Guide/30 Rock thing, I agree with you Daniel Entertainment Weekly is alot better on every level.

  • Elizabeth

    regarding The Office: yes, you were the only one.

  • Alison

    The office was fantastic!! I think it was one of the best episodes, and possibly the best opening! I agree you should watch it again =]

  • Josh Emerson

    I think you were the only one. I thought last night’s Office was really funny! The only part I didn’t like at all was with Dwight. Him destroying someone’s $1200 stroller is supposed to be funny? WTF?

    The season premiere of 30 Rock is going to be on Hulu a week early anyway, so I don’t think it’s too big of a deal where they give away the iTunes download. The real head scratcher IMO is why they didn’t decide to bring the show back earlier. They should’ve done more to capitalize on Tina’s recent high-profile Palin sketches.

  • Annabel

    You’re crazy! The Office was FANTASTIC!! Astird; Andy mistaking Angela’s baby picture; Jan singing ‘Son of a Preacher Man’; Kevin’s ‘so, when does everyone think the baby will be born’ game; Michael’s Baby Daddy talk with Darryl; Andy and Angela photographing the baby….I could go on and on!

    btw, you’re definitely not using ‘caveat’ correctly…

  • Dianne

    I agree about the OFFICE. I was uncomfortable thru the whole thing. It was like a cartoon, not like ANYTHING that would happen in real life.
    Swight birthing a melon on a table in front of everyone? Dragging her stroller all over town? I don’t think so.
    I liked the Michael/Holly stuff, and the phone messages with Jim and Pam were sweet, but the rest was just NOT up to par.

  • I actually agree about the office. In my review I said that it was incredibly unfunny, bordering on tragic at times but that the final 2 scenes were so beautiful that they almost made me forget about how much I hated the 28 or so minutes that came before them.

  • Im with Josh Emerson. Great ep except the dwight destroying the baby stroller part. wtf?

    as for 90210 dropping Walters. WTF? she was the ONLY reason to keep watching the show.

  • Linda B.

    I was busy catching up on Thursday night programming last night and forgot to tivo Crusoe. It’s being repeated Tuesday night on USA so i’ll try to catch it then. Let me know what you think about it before then if it’s worth my time.

  • I can believe they’re dropping Jessica Walter back (since they’re barely using her brilliance now) I just don’t see the show getting better without her.

  • the office had a bit of a slow start there but it got really good towards the end. still worth watching