Got a [spoiler free!] take on last night’s six plus hours of television? Post away so this TV Addict knows how to go about filling up his weekend.

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  • Nick

    All I know is, The Office had so many great one-liners, it could dominate your quote-of-the-week feature.

    Michael ranting about how everyone gave Phyllis a “golden shower” and now wondering where HIS golden shower was….nearly had me on the floor.

  • Josh Emerson

    I loved the “golden shower” part! Great episode of The Office. I was especially happy with how it ended and what Michael did.

    Ugly Betty was good, aside from this crap with Hilda and the Coach. I’m hoping that’s coming to an end. I liked Betty and Gio and can’t figure out why these two aren’t together. I can only guess that the producers don’t want Betty to be done dating yet.

  • Just Jody

    Grey’s Anatomy was lol funny. Best ep. of the season. (Not that that’s saying much)

  • Just Jody, Call me a sucker for impassioned speeches from the Chief, but I’ve really enjoyed this season of GREY’s.

    Josh Emerson, Just watched last night’s UGLY BETTY and loved it. Very happy with where this season’s going, even though it would be nice to see Marc and Amanda actually do something interesting.

    Willi also had what I think is my favorite line of the week, but more on that later…

  • Supernatural was an awesome, funny, extremely well produced stand-alone episode that gave us classic Sam and Dean and a villain more complex than we usually see, and more complex than you’d assume.

  • nctodc

    I liked Ugly Betty, but I feel like the season, as a whole, is lacking. The interactions between the Suarez family are the heart of the show and they haven’t been as frequent as I’d like.

    I thought Grey’s was great. The banter between Callie and Bailey was hilarious, as was the field trip to dermatology. Best episode so far this season and, like the Addict, I’ve enjoyed the season for the most part. I’m looking forward to seeing Kevin McKidd return next week.

  • Mark

    The Office was really funny but it was Supernatural was the one that knocked my socks of in the humor department yesterday. So entertaining and I loved all the nods to the classic horror movies of the 30s and 40s. So many good quotes came out of those two shows last night.

  • Ugly Betty, overall, was okay, but the episode had a really good ending. For now, it survives on my TiVo a little longer.