TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES… Will Be Back… For the Rest of the Season!

The good news, Sarah Connor’s fight for the future just got a little bit easier thanks to a report from The Hollywood Reporter that FOX has officially given TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES a full season pick up.

The bad, FOX’s welcome, albeit surprisingly early vote of confidence for TERMINATOR does raise some very interesting questions. Namely, where exactly will the show air when the juggernaut known as AMERICAN IDOL [not to mention 24] return in January? Does the pick-up have anything to do with all the troubling behind-the-scenes rumblings coming from the DOLLHOUSE that is Joss Whedons. And finally, what does this mean for Thomas Dekker’s role in the upcoming big screen remake of FAME that was scheduled to start shooting in February? Stay tuned…

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  • I guess that means I have to start watching it again.

  • 7bf

    great news. Didnt think that would happen.

    ps: the link is corrupted http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/10/fox-picks-up-te.html works.

  • John

    This is great news.

    I hope Dollhouse does come out and do well, but new shows are always problematic and we have T:TSCC now.

  • Linda B.

    This is good news/bad news for me. Good news is I’m enjoying this season more than last’s. Bad news is I really need some shows that I watch to get cancelled. I REALLY need to scale down what i watch and i feel the only way to do this is to have a show be cancelled.

  • DB

    I’m shock with the negativity some have expressed with the pickup. This is a great show, which got me totally hooked even though I was never interested in the movies. I think Fox renewed it just because they like it. People seem to forgot the man behind Fox TV Entertainment nowadays is Kevin Reilly, who brought us The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, Rescue Me, to name a few, on FX and NBC, so he’s the guy who support low-rated shows with potentials.
    When all of its powerhouse like AI and 24 return in January, they would definitely do some schedule shuffling and move some shows around so we won’t have too many shows on Monday at 8.

  • Daniel

    To Linda B.:
    No! I hate when they cancel my favorite shows, why don’t you stop to watch something and in the summer you buy it on Itunes or in DVD, that’s what I’m doing with T:TSCC, Eli Stone and The Office, I feel like this season has too many good TV shows 😀

  • Kevin

    Wow i’m glad it got picked up for another season!!! I’m telling you this season is awesome and getting better with each episode! the only thing that’s killin em is the fact that they got lots of competition on mondays so a schedule shuffle might work out in their favor unless they put it on a friday night, then u can say goodbye!

  • It is a good show thus far and I think it has good potential. It will be interesting to see how the air time plays out though because the show faces stiff competition as it is in the current time slot and american idol is coming..

    Adam L

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  • Thomas won’t be doing Fame, as now the dates clash. Good news/bad news. (see link for dekker-daily)