The TV Addict Catches Up with CHUCK


With the number of Monday “Must Watch” shows dropping like viewers to LIFE ON MARS, this TV Addict decided to dedicate Sunday, in support of quality television everywhere, to catch up on the first three episodes of CHUCK just in time for tonight’s butt-kicking guest spot by Nicole Richie.

CHUCK Versus the First Date
In Case You Missed it: In the grand tradition of episodic television, Chuck Bartowski was this close to getting his very own happily-ever-after [ie. Yvonne Strahovski]. That is, until the Cipher turned out to be a trojan horse, leaving the new Intersect out of commission and Sarah and Casey with at minimum twenty-one more episodes of Chuck-sitting.

Familiar Faces: Michael Clarke Duncan as Colt, a bald headed baddie that yes, this TV Addict found intimidating.

Intel Gathered: As per Sarah, “You never bring a gun on a first date.” And the Buy More, thanks to sp,e overly-gratuitous product placement shots, seems to be the only store in America with an ample stock of Nintendo Wiis.

Questions Raised: Had the Intersect not blown up, would Casey actually have gone ahead and put Chuck out of commission?

CHUCK Versus the Seduction
In Case You Missed it: In order seduce the sultry but dangerous Black Widow, Chuck must learn the art of seduction in a mere forty-four minutes courtesy of suave spy Roan Montgomery.

Familiar Faces: Not only do we sense another guest-starring Emmy nomination for John Larroquette as Roan Montgomery. Melinda Clarke does her best Irinia Derevko impersonation playing the Black Widow.

Intel Gathered: “Lesson Number one on being a spy, Never fall in love,” Roan Montgomery

Questions Raised: Will Chuck Bartowski ever get that much-deserved promotion to full-fledged agent?

CHUCK Versus the Break-Up
In Case You Missed it: Chuck is jealous when Sarah and Bryce Larkin must pose as a loving couple to once again attempt to Intersect the Cipher.

Familiar Face: NY Giant Michael Strahan and Matthew Bomer as Bryce Larkin.

Lesson Learned: On the funny side, Captain Awesome had some helpful advice for Chuck, “Stalker Ex – Not awesome.” While NBC reminded viewers that it’s more than capable of sinking to SMALLVILLE/CW depths by creating an entire Morgan subplot around MADDEN ’09.

Questions Raised: Will Chuck and Sarah ever become a reality? Or is the ‘Brangelina-esque’ coupling name of ‘Chara’ simply too big of an obstacle!

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  • Jordan

    I love you and I love your blog, but the name of the computer is the Intersect, not the Intercept. Which I mean, is a common mistake to make just because its a weird word sometimes. Maybe I’m just a little too into this show.

    But you catching up with it definitely made me happy since its my favorite! Tonight should be fantastic, I’m so excited.

  • Jordan,

    Thanks for the correction. And thanks even more so for visiting the site and commenting. Even if it is to correct my stupidity 🙂

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  • TVFan

    I’m watching tonight, in-spite of Nicole Richie

  • KM

    I liked the Nicole Richie episode but the 1st three were better. This show is one of my faves this season. Can’t wait for Monday nights! 😀