You Are Getting Sleepy….

Sleepy enough to tune into tonight’s brand new episodes of CHUCK featuring a butt-kicking guest spot by Nicole Richie [8PM, NBC] and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Stephanie Jacobsen [8PM, FOX].

[8:30PM UPDATE] Just wondering if my nifty little hypnotic image is working?

  • Scott

    Sorry Sarah, but I only have one tv, and no dvr or whatever.. I might be ‘sleepy’ but the fact is, both come on at 8, and I can only see one, so I am more sleepier for Chuck than Chronicles.

  • Alison

    i only have one tivo and its blocked with chuck and gg

  • Question for my American friends. Up here in Canada, if you subscribe to Digital cable, we get both east and west coast feeds (ie. so Terminator will air at 8PM and 11PM). Do Americans get both coast feeds?

  • Cathy

    I have digital cable, and I live in TX. We do not get both feeds. Just east coast. It’d be nice to have both, though!

  • Chuck, BBT & HIMYM. Sarah Connor will be a “catch up during the summer” type thing. Or re-runs, whichever comes first.

    Nifty graphic though!

  • TVFan

    Great graphic. It’s totally working…

  • Paul

    I have to go against the trend here and say bye bye to Chuck. I’ve been with Sarah from day one and love it. I will be sticking with it until it’s terminated.

    That being said, I find the best way to judge a show is by asking the question “Does the hour fly by?” It always does with Sarah but Chuck seems to feel like it’s 15 minutes too long.

    With so many shows piling up on my DVR, I’ve decided to permanently delete Chuck.

  • Linda B.

    I watched Sarah and True Blood (left over from Sunday) last night. I will watch Chuck and Heroes (and Eli Stone!) tonight.

  • Linda B.


    Was John really cleaning his gun like he said, or was it depression? I think the latter.

  • Chuck, Heroes, Sarah Connor, and Prison Break were all good last night.

    I enjoyed getting some background info on Sarah Walker in Chuck. However, I am getting tired of the Buy More antics. It always seems unrealistic & forced. Since the actors for those minor characters are in the opening credits this year, I assume the makers of the show insist on highlighting them more. The episode was one the best yet, aside from the Buy More stuff.

    Without giving away a spoiler, there was one thing that occurred in the Hiro/Ando subplot that might make me erase Heroes’ first strike from my 3-strike plan (of cutting out shows from my schedule). The ending was well done, yet I still don’t like what it means for Peter’s character. The scene with Claire and her two moms was great.

    Sarah Connor was also above average. I love the guy who plays the shrink, and the liquid terminator’s mommy agenda is creepy & intriguing. Prison Break was good and less hokey than usual, but it’s become a guilty pleasure even when it’s absurd. Leaving Boston Legal for later.