Random Musings: KNIGHT RIDER, Mena Suvari & HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

As much as this TV Addict would like to agree with Maureen Ryan’s assertion that the only reason NBC President Ben Silverman picked up KNIGHT RIDER for the entire season is because “KITT has taken over NBC!” I can’t help but feel that a car running a major television network is somewhat ridiculous. Which is why I’d like to take this opportunity to post theTVaddict.com’s very own theory that let’s face it, makes way more sense. Brace yourself… because Ben Silverman is obviously a Cylon and renewing KNIGHT RIDER is all a part of his secret pro-machine agenda.

Flipping through this week’s fantastic issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a sneak peak of J.J. Abrams STAR TREK re-boot, this TV Addict couldn’t help but notice an advertisement for Lifetime’s SEX AND LIES IN SIN CITY, starring Mena Suvari. Begging the question: What happened to the young actress who broke onto the scene with scene-stealing turns in AMERICAN PIE and AMERICAN BEAUTY? And more to the point, how sad is it that Mena Suvari is now seemingly relegated to C-list Lifetime Movies of the Week that we’re fairly sure Tori Spelling passed on?

Was anyone else surprised, nay, disappointed as to how fast Robin returned from her stint in Japan on last night’s installment of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? I mean don’t get me wrong, this TV Addict is all for the further development of Robin and Barney. I was just hoping that Barney would be the one to literally suit up and bring Robin back from the Land of the Rising Sun himself. For some inexplicable reason, I can’t help but smile every time I imagine Barney surrounded by millions of dark-suited Japanese people.

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  • Jimbo

    I was surprised how fast she came back…now onto the “Jamie Lynn Sigler” is the Mother rumors that approach as her guest stint comes up!

  • Given the chance I think you would make sweet, sweet love to a janitor at EW. Always with the EW shout out. Hmmm.

  • TVFan

    1) Ben Silverman should be fired based on this move alone.
    2) Mena Suvari jumped the shark a long time ago.
    3) Who cares about Robin, Stella is finally gone!

  • Nick.C.

    The witch is dead(Stella)Was that harsh?I still feel like they made a HUGE mistake making Robin not the mother.They set the first 2 seasons for her to be the one.Who are we going to like more?Its like on Friends.We always knew Ross and Rachel were going to be together in the end and it made us happy when they did.Now you have to introduce some new character to the group that were going to like more.Good Luck!

    also,FUNNY that you wrote that about Mena!I saw the add and thought the same thing..

  • Nick C.

    You know what they say about great minds….

    That said, I think it was a huge mistake that the absolutely adorable Ashley Williams was not made the mother. Her chemistry with Ted was undeniable.

  • tim wilkins

    I was surprised to hear “Knight Rider” got a full season order. I haven’t bothered to check it out but from the commercials and reviews: “It stinks.” How could this happen? Maybe it was the ‘writer’s strike” or maybe NBC’s ‘no hit schedule”. Or did Silverman get his own Ford car? lol Well, I guess it could be all of the grammar school kids who like to like to see fast cars and no plot. Eh, so much for ‘quality programming.”

  • John K.

    How about this for a reason: even with modest ratings, NBC is making so much money from Ford by having Knight Rider on the air that Ben Silverman would be an idiot in these tough economic times to give up such a lucrative deal just because the show is bad. Making money with crap like that is what allows NBC to keep airing low-rated stuff like Chuck and 30 Rock.

  • John K.

    So what you’re saying is that Ben Silverman isn’t a Cylon? But seriously. Do we know how much NBC is getting compensated for the super-sized car commercial that is KNIGHT RIDER?

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