Just because I can’t get it together to properly formulate my thoughts on last night’s fantastic slew of Monday night shows doesn’t mean I should rob you guys [my far smarter and better looking readers] of an opportunity to put forth your opinion. So go ahead, put on that critics hat and let me know what you thought of last night’s Television.

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  • Corruption

    Terminator = A-
    Big Bang Theory = A+
    HIMYM = A

    And Heroes (which you gave up on too early) = A++

  • Annabel

    Terminator – great! – I would be freaked out too if I were Savannah. and Sarah is in major denial about John’s psychological state.

    Chuck – fantastic! – I love how just when we thought we found out some inside info on Sarah, they pulled the rug out from under it. Oh and Nicole Richie was surprisingly fun and not annoying at all.

    Heroes – (I also agree that you gave up on too early) – also fantastic, but I’m kinda sad to see Adam die, but then again, it’s Heroes, so I’m sure he’ll be back. Question: Did Peter’s dad take away ALL of Peter’s powers or just the ones he copied from other people….can he just start over collecting powers or is he just a regular person now?

    Gossip Girl – about what I’d expect from the series: outrageous teens with outrageous parents and lots of money to throw around. I have to say though, once I recognized the Cruel Intentions parallel, that was enough of it for me…stretching it over the entire episode and basically using the entire plot of the movie was way too predictable. But at least they acknowledged in the GG voice over that they were copying it.

  • Corruption


    I think Peter’s a “normal” human for now, though knowing Heroes, he’ll get them back. Though, wouldn’t it be awesome if he became a “real” Hero by not ever having powers again and growing an actual brain? 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    CHUCK: Loved it. This is one of my top shows these days. And say what you want about Nicole Ritchie, I thought she did a great job. Not that it was a huge stretch of a role for her, but still.

    HEROES: So glad to see Peter get de-powered. He was getting too annoying. I thought it was a solid episode overall. I’m really liking Daphne.

    HIMYM: I didn’t think this was that funny. But it was a good ep in a different way. I’m glad Stella isn’t the mother. I like Sarah Chalke but I wasn’t feeling this.

  • EKI

    While I still enjoy Heroes, I can’t deny that it’s a compendium of well known clichés.

    See this Youtube, specially from minute 3, and see how Heroes is exploiting yet another external idea…

  • Linda B.

    Spoiler questions regarding Sarah Connor Chronicles:

    Is Derek’s girlfriend a terminator? If not, then what’s up w/ the pictures?
    I thought she was, but then why didn’t she kill Derek? And, can terminators have sex?

    Is John Connor suicidal, or just feeling the enormous weight he has on his shoulders? Was he really cleaning the gun or was it depression? I think the boy needs a vacation.

  • Linda B,

    I didn’t think Derek’s girlfriend was a robot, but it’s possible I wasn’t paying attention. What I did love was what the show’s doing with both John Connor and Catherine Weaver.

    On the Catherine Weaver front. We finally got a little more information as to her backstory, her ultimate end game and her obvious lack of parenting skills. did anyone else have a hard time keeping a straight face anytime she tried to simulate paternal instincts towards daughter Savannah? Who evidently is only being kept alive as a quasi-cover/science experiment so that Ms. Weaver can further study humanity.

    And as for John Connor, I could not be more pleased with the direction that Josh Friedman and Co. are taking the character this year. Unlike television’s most annoying hero Hiro Nakamura, it’s refreshing to watch a character who isn’t so anxious to save humanity and save the world. So much so that one can’t help but wonder if John will ever really be ready to accept his role as future leader of the resistance and whether there will be one event that changes him or a series of life experiences?

  • blueberry

    While not as good as the first season, the third season of Heroes is picking up. I’ve actually grown to re-like Hiro’s shenanigans, especially this last episode where they showed him “misuse” time-traveling a little too much. Which brings me to agree with everyone so far that Peter was becoming way too annoying. I would definitely like to see him learn to be a real hero and use his human skills rather than his overpowered powers.

    I’m glad I didn’t drop Heroes. But that doesn’t mean the writers aren’t trying to change that.

  • Corruption

    The sad thing about Peter losing his powers is that we finally saw a glimpse of what a fight between him and Sylar could be like.

  • Chuck was AMAZING, probably the best episode of the season! I love that show soooo much. Its the perfect amount action, comedy and drama.

    Gossip Girl was also crazy good. I love Cruel Intentions, but I probably liked this episode more than the movie. I also love Chuck and Blair not being together, it makes things interesting. Those two are so hot.

    Josh Schwartz makes my Monday nights so perfect.

    Havent seen How I Met Your Mother yet, but im just relieved to know Stella is not the mother 🙂

  • tim wilkins

    Gossip Girl’s ‘cruel intentions” felt a little flat to me. No offense, but would Vanessa really fall for Chuck? And easily seduced? NO. Which is why the plot didn’t work and fell flat. Although, I did like Chuck telling Blair “it’s her turn to chase him.’ Also, Chuck was a bit more human last night w/ Vanessa. lol So, I guess I loved and hated it. On a side note, nice to see another ‘gay character.” Although, he had as much to do as his BF. Nada.