Ask the Addict: KNIGHT RIDER, BROTHER & SISTERS, DEXTER, Michael Ausiello & More!

I heard a rumor that PUSHING DAISIES is done as a series and seeing as you are the most in the know person I know. Is this true? Or have I been bamboozled? — Dan B.

The TV Addict: The facts are these. People stopped using the term Bamboozled in 1931. But seriously, as dreadful as PUSHING DAISIES’ ratings have been — and they have been dreadful. ABC has yet to bury the show six feet under. Which is why if you really, and I mean really care about the fate of Ned, Chuck, Olive and Emerson you will be sure to not only tune into a brand new episode of PUSHING DAISIES at 8PM tonight on ABC, but knock on every house on your block and convince your neighbors to do the same.*

*Please Note: does not condone door-to-door begging and pleading in an effort to raise the ratings of your favorite shows. Unless those shows were among my dearly departed brilliant-but-cancelled favorites such as EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY, GROSSE POINTE, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL.

Can you please explain to me how KNIGHT RIDER got a full season pick up before EVERY OTHER SHOW ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH? — Jenn

The TV Addict: What’s that? You’re not buying my theory that NBC President Ben Silverman is secretly the fifth and final Cylon who has given a starring role to a talking car with the hopes of secretly pushing his pro-machine agenda on an unsuspecting public. Well then, how does this slightly more plausible theory from frequent friend-of-the-site John Kubiceck sound, “Even with modest ratings, NBC is making so much money from Ford by having KNIGHT RIDER on the air that Ben Silverman would be an idiot in these tough economic times to give up such a lucrative deal just because the show is bad. Making money with crap like that is what allows NBC to keep airing low-rated stuff like CHUCK and 30 ROCK.” 

Of course this TV Addict would be remiss if I didn’t point out to Mr. Kubiceck that (a) I’m not sure we know exactly how much NBC is getting to keep the super-sized Ford commercial that is KNIGHT RIDER on the air. And (b) CHUCK is no stranger when it comes to insanely intrusive SMALLVILLE levels of product placement [See: Recent sales pitch story-line featuring Michael Strahan and MADDEN ’09.]

I’m still confused over your assertion that IN TREATMENT has been cancelled. Please clarify. — Marisa

The TV Addict: Now this may come as a shock to some, but it turns out that this TV Addict isn’t perfect. I mean who knew that sitting in front of a buteiful high defanition flatt screen for houres on end wuld be detrimental to my smarts? [TV Addict Note: Unlike my usual poor uses of spelling and grammar, the previous sentence of typos was purely for comedic effect.]

Which is why I’m here to apologize to fans of IN TREATMENT everywhere. All ten of you. Embarrassingly enough, I’ve been confusing IN TREATMENT’s cancellation, or lack there of, with TELL ME YOU LOVE ME. So to clarify, a second season of IN TREATMENT is officially moving forward with Hope Davis on board to play Mira, a high-powered malpractice lawyer and FRASIER’s John Mahoney signing on the dotted line to play Bill, a CEO who finds that life is passing him by.

Please tell me that this is some sort of sick joke and that Ben Silverman did not just pick up KNIGHT RIDER for a full season? — Dave

The TV Addict: If it helps, things could be much worse. Ben Silverman could have taken a page from Showtime’s playbook and renewed KNIGHT RIDER for two seasons. Now I know what you’re thinking, Showtime’s playbook? Well in case you haven’t heard, America’s favorite serial killer DEXTER was just renewed for two more seasons. [See Press Release] Which aside from TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES full season pick-up is some of the most gratifying news to come from the world of television in quite some time.

Who is Luke Grimes? — WalkerFan42

The TV Addict: Luke Grimes won this week’s casting lotto by beating out Jason Ritter [among others] for the role of long-lost Walker brother Ryan Walker. Coming in a close second is SMALLVILLE’s John Glover. Who according to Michael Ausiello, robbed Victor Garber of the perfect ALIAS reunion by nabbing the role of Saul’s love interest for an upcoming three episode story arc.

I can’t help but notice that you seem to, some might say gratuitously, plug Michael Ausiello quite a lot on Yet Ausiello has yet to give your site a much deserved shout out. What’s the deal? — Jake

The TV Addict: Yes Mike [Can I call you Mike?] what is the deal? Especially when you had the perfect opportunity to mention alongside your answer to Anne’s question about the possibility of PRIVILEGED getting a full season pick up.

For future reference, rather than simply mention that you “heart Joanna Garcia… the CW has ordered additional scripts… and things are looking good for a full-season pickup.” You could have further championed PRIVILEGED by tacking on to the end of your answer that just yesterday showrunner Rina Mimoun revealed to [optional: in a highly entertaining and comprehensive interview] that EVERWOOD star Gregory Smith will very likely be dropping by Palm Beach should PRIVILEGED get that full season pick-up. See how that works Mikey! Quid pro quo.

What can you tell me about HBO Canada? — Northofthe49

The TV Addict: Not only can this TV Addict barely contain my excitement that HBO is [finally] coming to Canada [as part of the TMN subscription package] starting on October 30. I can do one better by pointing you towards November’s HBO Canada schedule [three cheers for REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER!], which you can check out by clicking here.

KNIGHT RIDER, are you F*ck**g kidding me! — SilvermanSucks

The TV Addict: Hey, Don’t shoot the messenger. Because seriously, if this TV Addict ran a television network. Things would be different. Namely EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY, THE WEST WING, GROSSE POINTE, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL would all still be on the air. KNIGHT RIDER would be roadkill. Keri Lynn Pratt and Liza Weil would have their own hour long Amy Sherman-Palladino project in development. And networks with procedural dramas ‘ripped from the headlines’ would be limited to two per week.

And now for Ask the Addict Lighting Round. Actual queries that readers have typed into Google to find

“Daokes’ Fate”
Not Good

“HBO or Showtime”

“Who is playing Old Christine’s Mother?”
TVGuide recently did something very out of character by breaking the news that British acting vet Brenda Blethyn has been cast as Christine’s mom for an episode set to air in November or December.

“Who is Jensen Ackles Dating?”
Why do you care?

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  • Marisa

    Thanks Daniel for the In Treatment clarification.

    I was telling all my friends that season 2 was a go, then I read your site and was worried that my “TV Knowledge Cred” was going to take a hit 🙂

    Man, if that show was’t already a master class in acting, John Mahoney and Hope David – YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marisa

    …I mean Hope DAVIS!!!!! (D and S are rather close to each other on the keyboard aren’t they 🙂 )

  • jess

    “Who is Jensen Ackles Dating?”
    Why do you care?

    Now that was funny!

  • jess

    Any Bones Scoopage?

  • Josh Emerson

    It really sucks that Pushing Daisies is doing so badly. Why does it seem like most of my favorite shows are struggling this season?

    Speaking of that, I hope 30 Rock comes back stronger than ever. I just got my issue of TV Guide and am currently downloading the season premiere on iTunes!!!!! I can’t wait to watch this. I feel like a teen girl/theTVAddict does about Gossip Girl. OMFG. lol

  • Interesting theory about Knight Rider… that really explains it. When I first saw they had re-upped the show I was shocked.

    Adam L

  • allie

    Last I read the divine Jensen is dating (and apparently may be cohabitating with) Daneel Harris, the gorgeous red head who played ‘Rachel’ on One Tree Hill.