In honor of the yesterday’s release of FAMILY GUY: Volume Six on DVD, is thrilled to be able to give away a copy to one lucky reader. To qualify to win, simply leave a comment letting us know who your favorite denizen of the fictional town of Quahog is and why. One lucky entrant will be picked at random and notified via email on October 30, 2008 [So please be sure to enter with a valid email address].

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  • Mohammad


    She’s so lame, it’s hilarious.

  • pups pals

    I like Brian. I disagree with most of his morals & actions, but he’s a smart guy who can point out the absurd. & he’s a good dancer!

  • Peter, because the show center’s around him and, well, he understands that the bird is the word.

  • Josh C.

    how could you choose anyone else besides stewie. he sings, he dances (and well i might ad), and is quite possibly the most hilarious character on the show. The interaction he has with the rest of the family totally makes the show!!

  • eddie

    my favorite character is brian, because while he is intelligent he also has many issues he has to deal with, such as his feelings for lois.

  • Jamie

    My favourite character is Stewie. I love how, despite being an evil genius, he doesn’t understand some of the simplest aspects to life because he is, after all, only a baby.

  • Nelson

    I definitely have to go with Stewie. I love all the characters, but he’s always been my favorite. Whey he’s got that British (or whatever it is) accent…who knows. lol But I love him. 🙂

  • Chad

    I couldn’t pick anyone other than Adam West. His lines are usually so out there, and they really crack me up.

    (gets hit by a brick and starts to bleed)
    “My god, I’m a tomato!”

  • tim wilkins

    Stewie. I love his lines and his actions. I think it’s hilarious how he acts and speaks and the others don’t necessarily understand him or his actions.

  • Geri

    Stewie, the hilarious quippy evil baby with the old man voice!

  • Quagmire is my all time favorite! So funny, seriously.

  • Jefferson

    Stewie…do you really need a reason why? C’mon. It’s Stewie!

  • the TV news anchors and asian field reporter Tricia Takanawa, the media center always points out the true absurdity of the Quahog world.

  • Mike

    Mayor Adam West because I love him more than I love taffy … and I’m a man who enjoys his taffy.

  • Kristen

    I’d have to say Joe because even though he has the most obvious abnormality, he’s the most well-adjusted.

  • Nick.C

    Stewie and Brian together are so funny but i will have to go with
    Quagmire!!!His sexual/perverted antics are insane.For a show that pushes the line on all issues he crosses it…..gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy!!!!!!!!

  • stewie hes a sly devil and a brian child with high IQ


  • whats the word ? the birds the word peter hes like my father to the tee,and he thinks he lives in petertoria!!!!!!!

  • stewie is a devils child a male linda blair ,

  • stewie is a devils child,a male linda blair

  • Jennifer

    Brian, hands down!

  • blueberry

    I actually don’t like Family Guy. I just want to see if I have any luck with these random drawings.

  • Paul

    Stewie by a nose. Peter is a close second.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ve gotta go with the funniest character, Stewie. I liked what he said his qualifications were in the last episode. “I have a British accent, I’m possibly homosexual, I never brush my teeth, and my wife is ghastly.” LOL

    Brian would be second! He’s funny and smart, and he’s got great political views.

  • Tom

    Love Stewie…he’s friggin hysterical!

    Quagmire comes in a close second!

  • I am all about the Evil Monkey in the closet
    that monkey can make me laugh every time!

  • bws

    Another vote for Quagmire. His mere presence makes me chuckle.

  • Melissa

    I love the big Rooster Peter always gets into fights with!!!! Its so funny!

  • James

    The Evil Monkey in Chris’s closet, basically because I don’t really like Chris and hope the monkey finally does something harmful to him.

  • DB

    Quagmire is my favorite too.

  • Sara


    Cute yet diabolical

  • It’s a toss up between Stewie and Cleveland. Gotta give some love tot he Black guy!

  • Chi

    Brain is my favorite! 🙂 I think Lois should give him a chance 😀

  • Kelly

    Ollie Williams!!!!!!

    When the news team first panned over to him, I laughed so hard I almost peed a little.

    Favorite Quote by Ollie:
    Tom Tucker: Some new developments in the Flight 209 drama. Recently discharged pilot, Captain Glenn Quagmire, is apparently talking the plane down. Ollie Williams has the story. Ollie?

    Ollie Williams: I’M AT THE WRONG AIRPORT!

    Tom Tucker: Oops. Well, thanks, Ollie.


  • Imrhiannonk

    that's not even funny. it's insulting.