Good News, Bad News: HEROES, THE VIEW & 30 ROCK

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Good News: This TV Addict just devoured Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen scathingly accurate look at the disappointment that is HEROES season three. Bad News: Leaving me once again questioning as to why exactly I renewed my subscription to the magazine that most likely won’t arrive in my mailbox until Monday (if I’m lucky!) [see article]

Good News: The seemingly never-ending US election is this close to reaching its exciting conclusion. Bad News: Coinciding with the end of the election to end all elections will be the daily can’t miss blowups between the women of THE VIEW [click for today’s Elizabeth smack-down]

Good News: Next week’s season premiere of 30 ROCK is now streaming for free online on over on, and Bad News: None of which are available to fans outside of the United States of America.

Good News: Dan Byrd, star of last season’s most under-watched comedic gem ALIENS IN AMERICA has just been cast as a possible apprentice to Sylar on HEROES. Bad News: Possibly putting an end to this TV Addict’s short-lived boycott of the show come January 2009. Stay tuned…. [source]

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  • theo

    Heroe is not that bad, mind you Iam 2 epsiodes behind. And Daniel we may not live in the US, but thats what HotSpot Sheild is for..

  • Linda B.

    Good news: Lindsay Lohan will be edited out of all future episodes of Ugly Betty. Bad news: Gee, I really can’t think of any 🙂

  • Linda B.

    I’ll have you know I was this close to writing that 🙂 And in related news, having seen BILLY ELLIOT in New York last weekend, I’m very excited for Justin’s big audition tonight. See related video below!

  • Linda B.

    Great minds think alike 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    I still enjoy Heroes. This past week’s episode was pretty good, except I’m not happy about what happened to Adam Monroe.

    The end of our election will be good, I hope, if we get the correct result.

    30 Rock <3 I loooooove this show. And I got to see it a day early thanks to TV Guide! Who said that magazine was useless?

  • blueberry

    You know, I think it’s alright to disagree with theTVaddict every once in a while. Even though I still enjoy Heroes (though not as much as in the first season) and I even though I don’t think Aliens in America deserved any praise, I still enjoy this website tremendously.

    At least we both agree that Knight Rider is garbage (or do we?).

  • Nick.C

    I don’t get it,you all in Canada can’t log onto Myspace?Really?
    I have Myspace friends all over the world.

  • Hey wanted to let you know that Fancast is also showing the season premiere of 30 Rock right now. 30 Rock on Fancast

  • TVFan

    I miss Aliens in America