Question of the Day: ELI STONE Edition

After ELI STONE only managed to hold on to a disappointing 47% of lead-in DANCING WITH THE STARS’ audience on Tuesday night, this TV Addict would like to pose this question to the 16 or so million Americans who are inexplicably hooked on the reality show juggernaut.

What does ELI STONE have to do to keep 53% of you from changing the channel the moment host Tom Bergeron says good night? Tuesday’s episode had both dancing and stars, thanks to a guest starring turn by the artist formerly known as Joey Potter [Katie Holmes]. Seriously, what’s the deal?

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  • Nick

    Consider the average age of the “Dancing” audience, 65 or older, and realize that the geezers just can’t keep their eyes open past 10pm. Shoot, half of ’em are asleep by 9pm after watching all the “pretty colors and fast movement” on DWTS…just like the TeleTubbies.

  • Josh Emerson

    Ha, good point about DWTS. I don’t watch it or Eli Stone. I did watch Eli a few times during the first season and I just wasn’t impressed. I lost interest and quit watching. Even though there’s basically nothing else airing on Tuesdays, I still haven’t bothered to tune in.

  • Josh C.

    tuesdays eli was once again great. I hope katie comes back cause i really enjoyed the dynamic between her and eli.

  • Monica M

    Often it comes down to what shows it’s up against. Eli has to compete with SVU and Without a Trace. It is also unrealistic to hope that a scripted show would pull the numbers that reality tv does. Rarely happens. Also Eli is an unusual show like Pushing Daisies. Most people want overly familiar shows.

  • EKI

    Is it just me or Katie looked too skinny and even, like, sick… her face looked like she hasn’t sleep in a week and skipped all dinners…

    She used to be really pretty, but not that much now…

  • Monica M

    Regarding Katie’s slim form, she is like all recent actresses who feel the pressure to be that skinny. In contrast you have normal shaped girls like Katherine Heigle and Jennifer Love Hewitt being referred to as plus size.

  • AHA

    Personally, I don’t like shows with religious themes (I’m an atheist) and that’s why I dropped Eli from my list last season.

  • Nick.C

    I thought Katie Holmes was great with Jonny!
    I don’t think it has anything to do with Americans not watching.Most original shows with a different kind of premise have a hard time getting big ratings.Look at hits,like CSI(not a lot of character development,easily summed up in an hour stories)or Greys(night time soap)they have an easier time because you don’t have to think to much .Something like The X-Files (an Original)got terrible ratings for like 2 seasons but survived because back in the day FOX had no hit shows.

    Question….What is the ratings like for ELI in your neck of the woods?(Canada)

  • Just Jody

    If Katie Holmes was going to be on every week, then Eli Stone would be on my schedule. As it is, I don’t mind the show, but it doesn’t captivate me enough to earn regular viewing.

  • Naf

    I thought the episode still did well in the ratings, considering? Haven’t the ratings improved a lot since last season. ABC couldn’t have expected the numbers to come back huge. But do I have to start worrying about all the networks canceling all my favorite shows? Everything I lovem except for HIMYM and Brothers and Sisters, seem to be doing poorly.

  • randa

    I watched a couple episodes last season and then stopped watching until I read how much you were going on about it (Always trust an EVERWOOD fan, I say). So I watched this season’s new episodes. The first one was great. But I hate Katie Holmes there’s just something missing behind her eyes so I was sure I wouldn’t like the next episode, but her character was written so perfectly and so endearing, and Eli’s character is so wonderful and there was chemistry between them that made me want GRACE to come back. I admit it: I LOVED the Katie Holmes episode!