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Showrunner of the Week: Regardless of where your Winchester loyalty lies, this TV Addict thinks showrunner Eric Kripke deserves some serious kudos for poking the beast… err… we mean the SUPERNATURAL fandom and speaking out on an issue he felt needed clarification. It’s official, Dean is not a “Dick.”

Showrunner of the Week (Runner-Up): Call me an obsessed dog owner (which by the way, guilty as charged, see Mac), but this week’s Showrunner of the Week (Runner-Up) is Shonda Rhimes, for doing what she does best. Taking another tried and true television cliché, which in PRIVATE PRACTICE’s case revolved around your standard troubled teen and parlaying it into an interesting story complete with a surprisingly emotional ending.

Reminder You’re Getting Old of the Week: Following last week’s flashback to Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) High School days on CHUCK which featured some ‘classic’ tracks courtesy of Paula Cole, Hanson and Chumbawamba, it’s official. This TV Addict is starting to feel really old. Begging the question, what’s next, a Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour? Oh wait…

Mystery of the Week: Why SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE continues to allow an unfunny ‘character’ from Kenan Thompson to zap the momentum of Weekend Update every single week.

Conflicted Casting of the Week: While it is always great to see ALIAS alum Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon) on the small screen, was a GREY’S ANATOMY patient-of-the-week seriously the best his agent could come up with? Somebody get this man a series, and stat!

Career Killer of the Week: After managing to do the impossible — make an UGLY BETTY Marc and Amanda story look tedious — could Lindsay Lohan’s career be anymore over? Comment of the Week: In Response to’s question as to whether or not you’ll be checking out HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3, reader DAVID ID had this to say, “Not even if Vanessa Hudgens went naked on the internet to promote her career and make a DVD film series launch into theaters… oh wait.”

  • shelby02

    You have 174 comments to the Kripke statement. Where are the “thousands of fans who have been ripping Kripke apart all weekend long”? Have you chosen not to publish that many comments?

    After reading through each and every comment on your site, I think the ones that would be deemed as “ripping apart Kripke” would be in the minority.

    When Kripke decide to “poke the beast” , as you so eloquently stated, in order to defend the character of Dean, he certainly invited fans who are unhappy with the characterization of Sam Winchester and feel as though they haven’t been heard, to voice there concerns. When you have an opportunity to speak to the creator of a show you love, you grab it. I appreciate the tv addict giving us that opportunity to do so, but really resent the impliction that we shouldn’t have responded. The majority of comments were heartfelt, well written and to the point. Your implication is that they were otherwise and that the responders were in fact “Dicks” I find that misleading and insulting!

  • Shelby02,

    My apologies if you were offended. Obviously my original comment was a failed attempt at humour. I don’t really think SUPERNATURAL fans who disagree with Kripke are dicks. I just thought it was funny. Apparently not. That said, when you add up sites like TWOP and LiveJournale etc… there have been far more than 1000 comments about this ‘issue’.

  • Nick

    Hey Shelby. Chill out. I love Supernatural as much as the next guy, but the show’s fans are really out there on the edge sometimes. How ’bout we let Kripke make his own show, and stop dictating to him how we want his characters structured, who they can date, which new stars can stay, etc. It gets a little sickening. Just enjoy the freakin’ show.

    Also, GREAT point, TVA…the next funny Keenan Thompson sketch will be the first one. SNL gets rid of the hilarious Horatio Sans…and keeps this overweight toad? He doesn’t even generate a smile, much less a laugh. I can’t stress enough how truly horrible he is on the show.

  • Paul

    I love Supernatural and I’m happy that fans of the show are so passionate because it means the show will be on the air for a few more years – here comes the but…..

    I think some of these fans keep forgetting to take their meds.

  • Shelby02

    Apology accepted…thank you!
    P.S. I concur that some fans are on the edge, but truthfully it is the passionate albeit obsessed fans (not all of whom I agree with) that have fought to keep this wonderful show on the air. It truly is one of the best shows on television!

  • Gomer

    I like the french comic from Keenan on week-end update, but that is it. Why aren’t you complaining about the Fred Armisen political comic skit that always goes on WAY too long!

  • Nick

    Here’s some good “week in rewind” news:

    Friday’s ratings for CBS:
    9.95-million viewers for Ghost Whisperer (a good show)
    5.65-million viewers for The Ex List (the Moonlight replacement)
    9.07-million viewers for Numb3rs

    Notice anything ODD there, CBS? Dear Les and Nancy, the next time we viewers try to tell you NOT to cancel a popular cult show at a time when vampires are way “in” and the show just won the friggin’ People’s Choice Award (clue: the VIEWERS are the “People”)….maybe you might wanna listen to us? Good luck with that 9pm timeslot.

  • Max

    I think Eric Kripke deserves kudos, too. He obviously felt discussion on boards and some reviews missed the main point that Dean was infected because of a secret he’s keeping. I appreciate the clarification and would love for him to know how excited I am for future episodes. So far, this season has been awesome!

  • Nick: Great observation on the Friday night line-up and the current vampire craze (on which I’m unfortunately out of the loop). Lots of lessons to learn from last season and this season; hopefully the networks will catch on.

    TVAddict: I know what you mean about the getting old factor. It’s hard to believe Sarah’s character graduated from high school in 1998. That’s one year after I graduated from college. On the bright side, I skipped 1st grade, so I’ve always been roughly a year younger than those I graduated with.

    Lindsay Lohan, while never impressive, was at least bearable for most of the episode, but that last minute or two really killed it for me. With Bravo doing a full week, pre-election marathon of The West Wing (unfortunately only selected episodes and in random order), I bypassed my 3-Strike Plan and removed the Ugly Betty and Fringe season passes from my TiVo. Had to make extra room for TWW. I’m keeping a thumbs up on both shows, so maybe I’ll catch the random episode occasionally, but I also need some productive non-TV-watching time back, and it was time for Ugly Betty and Fringe to go.

  • Hey Nick: I actually really liked The Ex-List (funny cause the lead on that is in the new Twilight film irony of ironies)

    TVAddict: Carl Lumbly was also one of the characters in an episode of Cold Case a couple of weeks back. I don’t know if he’s interested in a series. He’s actually been doing lots of theatre. He was in a play with a friend of mine.

  • Amen Nick, amen, if people just continue to fight Eric Kripke on everything he does, and every episode he makes, then I’m kinda afraid that Supernatural won’t last much longer. They might just give up. Enjoy the show the makes people. Love the good ones, ignore the bad ones, he is only human.

  • Patty

    On behalf of the Supernatural Fandom, I would like to apologize for the crazies amongst us who find it necessary to try bossing around the show’s creator while harassing anyone who disagrees with him/her. It is, however, important to remember that we are not all raving lunatics, and most of us actually adore the show and thank Eric Kripke for giving us a reason to look forward to Thursday nights. In addition, most of us also love both Sam and Dean (not just one or the other).

    And yes, I found the whole “poking the beast” thing very funny Mr. TVAddict…I actually laughed out loud and I’m in a very crowded, silent library, so it was also quite embarrassing. (lets be honest, there is definitely a beastly side the fandom…did you read some of those snarky comments??? SHEESH!)

  • dontbeanidiot

    oh hey kripke gets a medal for being the dean fans bitch!! hate to be so blunt but really does he have to apologize about everything he says about dean???

    No wonder Sammy’s s/l is going nowhere, he is too busy trying to make a fanbase happy that in reality will never be happy!!

    kripke should man-up, and tell the fans not to take everything so much to heart!!

  • TVFan

    Wednesday’s Private Practice was so incredibly sad. Nice to see the show getting back on track. Unlike Lindsay Lohan’s career.

  • allie

    For me the biggest “reminder you’re getting old” was the line in Greek where Rusty said he wasn’t even born in the 80s. Arghhh!

  • This week’s episode of Supernatural was absolutely hilarious. It’s definitely one of my favorite episodes. It was a nice fun episode that let us get of a glimpse of Dean if he wasn’t his usual fearless badass.

    My favorite scene was when Dean screamed after the cat was discovered. What was your favorite Dean freak out moment?

    Next week should be good. After all it’s the Halloween episode!

    You can view the outtake video here.

    I also liked this week’s Chuck. Although it did make me feel old, this episode scores high because it gave us a glimpse into Sarah’s past.

    My favorite parts of the episode had to be Casey as the reunion party DJ. Can I say how much I love Adam Baldwin?

    I’m not a Nicole Richie fan, but she was perfectly cast as the bitchy cheerleader. How fitting that her character married the geek – Mark Ratner (Ben Savage) for his money only to find out he had no ambition?

    And lastly I loved that the beaten up, wet Sarah beats out the cheerleader for Reunion Queen. Is that ever band geek’s fantasy?

  • Mel

    Kripke is a class act.

  • rima

    i love supernatural no matter what!!!!!!

    supernatural rocks!!!!!
    supernatural is the best tv show ever!!!!!

  • Jonah

    HA!!! CBS just cancelled “The Ex List,” effective immediately.

    One must rub his chin and wonder: “Wouldn’t those 8-million diehard Moonlight fans look pretty good right now, sandwiched between Ghost & Numb3rs?” Hmmm. An *intelligent* network brass wouldn’t realized, “Hey, this show started out great, let’s give it some promotion, time to grow, and tie into the whole ‘Twilight’ craze.”

    But, alas, that’s what an intelligent team would’ve done. Way to kill another show, Eye Net. And yeah, we’re absolutely saying “TOLD YA SO.” Because we said it loud and long, and you arrogantly turned a deaf ear.

    You wouldn’t even put Moonlight on your sister/offshoot network in order to boost its viability. How exactly do you justify your horrid business decisions, CBS?

  • Carolyn

    Thank you for the clearing up, boss Kripke. Love the show… Addicted to Jensen he he…. Yellow Fever was aclestatic!! 🙂

  • Good observations, Jonah.

    In a way, CBS has become the new Fox. At one time, I never watched anything on CBS until Survivor came along, and then it was only Survivor (not counting David Letterman since that’s not prime time, and I only watch occasionally). Last year, however, CBS had Moonlight, Jericho, and Kid Nation. I actually watched *four* prime time CBS shows and looked forward to all of them each week. Thanks to cancellations, I’m back to Survivor only and have reservations about ever starting to watch another CBS show.

  • Syl

    I agree Kripke is a class act and I really appreciate his clarification. Not many show-runners would publicly admit to a failure in the script. He’s more than man enough for me. 😀

  • bjxmas

    I love Eric Kripke for his passion and creative vision and for how he appreciates his fans. It is unfortunate he felt the need to apologize for anything on Supernatural. Most fans got the true message of why Dean was infected. Most fans appreciated the humor of Sam’s comment as brotherly bantering. There are always the vocal minority that think complaining and nit-picking every line will bring Kripke into line and he will give them the show they demand. I don’t want to watch what they want, I want to watch the show Kripke and his amazing team want to present.

    It appears the real reason he relented and cleared up this falsehood is the media reviewers that failed to see the nuance in the script. Obviously they need to pay closer attention and learn that all is not what it appears on Supernatural. This show has depth and complexity and is not simple. True fans appreciate the layers Kripke and his amazing cast of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki bring to Dean and Sam. These are heroes who are allowed to be real men, who do have fears and issues, but facing them and doing their job regardless is what truly makes them remarkable. Real fans knew immediately that Dean was not a dick, past, present or future. We KNOW Dean and have never had such a fascinating character to love and follow. It will be a sad day when Supernatural finally ends, and I hope Eric remembers how most fans absolutely loved the story he brought us, in all its complexity. B.J.

  • lolzy

    Hey B.J.

    Do “real fans” trust that Sam is integral to Kripke’s story? Do “real fans” understand that these first few episodes are setting up the changes in his character and deepening the mystery around him? Do “real fans” make nasty attacks against Jensen Ackles simply because he is the more popular of the two actors? If so you should check out the latest batch of comments on the dick post. Lots of real fans over there it seems. Poor Kripke. with real fans like those, who needs enemies.

  • Mara

    Kripke is class. That’s all there is to it.

    “Most fans got the true message of why Dean was infected.”

    Citation, please? 😛 I kid, but seriously, this isn’t true for the sites I frequent (which is BuddyTV and TV Guide). BuddyTV actually took a poll on the matter, and the majority (something like 60%) missed the actual reason why he was infected. (But I agree that I didn’t see anybody getting heated up about Sam calling him a dick as teasing… I think essentially everybody enjoys the brotherly banter.)

    Maybe we’re not real fans, but most of us honestly didn’t catch it. But I agree that he put out the clarification because of all the reviews that didn’t get it right (80% of the reviews I read thought the dick explanation was the right one)… I think it was just new writers not emphasizing what should’ve been emphasized, and overemphasizing a one-off joke.