Take the Follicle Follies Challenge!

In last week’s review of THE MENTALIST, this TV Addict noted that the strength of the show lies solely in the hands of charismatic TV vet Simon Baker.

And while many readers agreed with my overall assessment of the freshman series, a handful of them took umbrage with my assertion that Simon Baker’s just so happens to sport, “the finest head of hair since McDreamy scrubbed into Seattle Grace.”Which brings us to today’s Follicle Follies Challenge. Beneath every great head of hair lies an actor hoping to outshine it. Can you match the wavy locks to their owner?

[UPDATE: Click the link below for the Answers!]

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  • 1) Neil Patrick Harris
    2) Kyle Chandler
    3) ?
    4) Adrian Pasdar
    5) ?
    6) Ed Westwick
    7) Bart Simpson
    8) That Moonlight guy
    9) Simon Baker

  • 5) David Boreanaz! Duh!

  • AHA

    Excellent challenge!

    3) Jared Padalecki? actually hair that annoys me..

    Tom Welling on Smallville has nice hair that occasionally is like that and annoys me but also often really good. Simon Baker’s hair is just fabulous.

  • Linda B.

    I think #2 is McDreamy.

    Can’t seem to figure out #7 though 😉

  • This is too fun to not take a stab at. Here are my best guesses.

    1 — Simon Baker
    2 — Patrick Dempsey
    3 — Jared Padalecki
    4 — Adrian Pasdar
    5 — David Boreanaz
    6 — Ed Westwick
    7 — Bart Simpson
    8 — Alex O’Loughlin
    9 — Kyle Chandler? (this one also looks like Simon Baker to me.)

  • Haya

    1 NPH
    2 Patrick Dempsey
    3 jared Padelecki
    4 Adrian Pasdar
    5 David Boreanez
    6 Ed Westwick
    7 Bart Simpson
    8 Alex OLaughlin
    9 Simon Baker

  • roxy

    #2 Patrick Dempsey
    #3 Chace Crawford
    #6 Ed Westwick

  • 1. Neil Patrick Harris
    2. Patrick Dempsey
    3. Jared Padalecki
    4. Adrian Pasdar
    5. David Boreanaz
    6. David Tennant
    7. Bart Simpson
    8. Alex O’Loughlin
    9. Simon Baker

  • randa

    1.who knows
    2. Patrick Dempsey
    3. Ed Westwick
    4. i can’t believe i read about t.v. on the internet. it’s wrong.
    5.David Boreanaz
    6. this is driving me crazy
    7. Bart
    8. Robert Sean Leonard
    9. Simon Baker

  • Just a quick ‘heads’ up (get it?) on Hair Sample #8. Rest assured, this TV Addict is not a raging egomaniac! Adding myself was a complete oversight, as originally I was using my photo to test out my template. Yet unfortunately forgot to replace it with LOST’s Sawyer before I pressed “Post.” Hence an apology in advance for those wondering how I have the audacity to include myself among the likes of your favorite TV stars!

  • Linda B.

    TVa – It must be a huge boost to your ego that so many on here thought you were Alex O’Loughlin!

    FYI – I only got 1,2,4 and 7 right.

  • Linda B.

    Tell me about it! Maybe I can be his stand in on his next series 🙂