Random Musings: ELI STONE, 90210 & HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3

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The Good: From Weathersby Posner & Klein’s original and inspiring mission statement to “serve the public good and honor the public trust” that was scribbled on a napkin thirty years prior (Bartlett for America anyone?), to the master class in acting put forth by Victor “Where’s My Emmy?” Garber, “good” doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings when it comes to last night’s installment of ELI STONE. Especially now that we know that Eli’s future includes making it all the way to the Supreme Court alongside friend and mentor Jordan Weathersby. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, this TV Addict’s jaw is still partially on the floor following last night’s shocking final scene involving Maggie Decker siding with the evil that is Posner & Klein.)

The Bad: 90210. Whose committee of showrunners don’t seem to “get” that fans are not in the business of caring about couples they’ve manufactured out of thin air. Ethan and Annie’s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship is absolutely pointless when the two characters have been given zero redeeming qualities for fans to latch on to and root for. And don’t even get me started on Navid and Adrianna — I mean have those two even shared a scene together prior to last night’s episode? Memo to Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah. Your viewers are not morons and if you expect us to remain invested in this show outside of the occasional Brenda/Kelly cameo you probably should go back to the drawing board and remember that the likes of Brenda & Dylan, Ross & Rachel and Pam & Jim don’t just happen. It takes seasons of build up and hard work. So get to it.

The Ugly: Apparently it wasn’t enough for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 to squeeze 42 million dollars out of North American theatergoers this weekend. The show must go on. Which is why Disney cleverly used Zac Efron’s swan song to launch an obvious HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: THE NEXT GENERATION spin-off and a full-blown Broadway Musical. Which wouldn’t be so ugly except for the fact this TV Addict just donated ten bucks to the cause!

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  • Just Jody

    I am in no way defending last night’s 90210, because it really wasn’t great – but did they not hint at Navid liking Adriana in the premiere when Annie was first introduced to Adrianna in the hallway?

  • They may have, but then to not have them interact for five episodes only to dumb this on viewers now = poor writing and a slap in the face to the viewing public.

  • Here is to “Weathersby, Weathersby & Stone”!!!

    May we have many many years of bypassing the dark times, and LIVE BRAVE

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  • TVFan

    This week’s Katie Free Eli Stone was so much better than last weeks episode. And totally with you TVA on 90210, it’s getting so bad I’m this close to dropping it.

  • Josh C.

    tvfan you must be insane. katie holmes was great on last weeks episode. you must not be blind to the brilliant writing. but am i the only person who thinks eli stone just keeps getting better from week to week?

  • TVFan

    Josh C.

    I used to be a fan of Katie, but have been completely turned off by the Tom Cruise craziness.

  • ckblue

    I agree about 90210, they just pulled that navid and adrianna thing out of a hat at least put a hint in that they knew each other!! The writers on that show is just getting lazy… the only reason i watch that show is because of Dixon and Silver and the rents’.

  • Jean

    Double ditto to the awesome acting of Victor Garber and the episode itself of Eli Stone! And my jaw dropped too when I saw the “possible future” Maggie. Hopefully the ratings will pick up and this show will continue to be awesome.

  • Linda B.

    Spoiler for those who haven’t seen Eli Stone yet:

    My jaw dropped when he burned the journal. It’s one thing to not read it, but i can’t believe he destroyed it.

  • Neena

    TVA I agree with you on 90210. Navid and Adrianna’s relationship has come out of thin air. I’m not sure how I feel about them as a couple. My guess is that with Navid they really didn’t know what to do with him. But the actor deserves better than this. I’d like to learn more about him because right now he is just a minor character.

    BTW – I really like both Navid and Adrianna.

    As for the Ethan, Annie and Naomi love triangle – why bother? I don’t think I can take Ethan and Annie as a couple.

    As for 90210 in general; the new show runners from the Gilmore Girls take over as of ep 10. So hopefully things will be up from there.