Separated at Birth: Jason O’Mara and Matthew Rhys

jason omara and matthew rhys

In our recent review of LIFE ON MARS, this TV Addict neglected to include one etsy bitsy detail for fear that readers may think that, well, I’m the one who is actually stuck in a coma and slightly off kilter.

That said, following last night’s installment, I simply have to get this off my chest. Am I the crazy one, or are LIFE ON MARS star Jason O’Mara and BROTHERS & SISTERS Walker sibling Matthew Rhys not eerily identical. Especially when it comes to the cadence of their voices?

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  • Gabi

    OMG,I thought I was the only one thinking this, but they are so much alike! They talk exactly the same and they look almost the same. When I first saw Sam he definetley reminded me of Kevin. The should bring him in as Kevins “twin” he didn’t know he had om BaS (if LoM gets cancelled) 🙂

  • Nick.C

    Life on Mars is SO good!I wish you would do a real story about it.I know its a remake but it has such a good story(different from anything on tv right now)and the actors are top notch…

  • could the cadence thing have to do with the fact that Matthew Rhys is covering up a Welsh accent and Jason O’Mara is covering up an Irish one?

  • Nick.C

    my bad,i just looked further down and saw your story about it.THANK YOU….

  • randa

    I agree except Jason O’Mara is chiseled and masculine and hot where Matthew Rhys is not.

  • allie

    In the photos you have chosen I see some similarities, but I don’t think they are *that* similar and depite being big fans of both men, have never noticed any great similarities when watching them on tv. Plus as randa said above, Jason O’Mara is smokin hot but Matthew Rhy is, to be blunt, so not.

  • allie,

    it’s not so much the visual similarities as much as the voice. Next time you’re watching LIFE ON MARS, which if you aren’t by the way you should be. Close your eyes and you’ll hear Kevin Walker. Trust me.

  • RT

    God I am sick of people going on websites and message boards with the resemblance question “He looks like”, or the really insightful question that floats around “Is he gay?! Gee Whiz!

    Jason does not look like this little dweeb. Jason is of Irish nationality and is far superior in the looks department.

    This B&S guy can’t even hold a candle to Jason’s charisma and down-to-earth personality and devotion to his family as a husband and father.

    I will now step down from my soap box!

  • Carol

    I just Googled these guys to see if they were brothers and got sent to this website. At least I’m not the only one who thinks these guys were seperated at birth.

  • John K.

    Thank you! I thought the exact same thing.

  • Autumn

    At first I thought you were crazy, but I totally see it now!

  • Suze

    When I saw the ads for Life on Mars before it came on I thought “omg they’ve gotten rid of Kevin on Brothers and Sisters and he’s in a new show!” I agree they do look very much alike and could pass as brothers. Maybe since Life on Mars has been canceled they can add yet another illegitimate child of William Walker to Brother’s and Sisters. Wouldn’t that make things interesting??