Since this TV Addict was far to busy going all Michelangelo on this pumpkin last night. I’m passing the buck to you, my far smarter and better looking readers to post your take on last night’s installments of UGLY BETTY, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, GREY’S ANATOMY and LIFE ON MARS.

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  • Josh Emerson

    I actually watched none of these last night. With the election coming on Tuesday, I’ve been DVRing normal shows every night and watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow instead.

    I did see 30 Rock early though, online. LOVED IT. All “Quotes of the Week” this week could come from this show alone.

  • Nick.C

    The Office was very funny this week.The fight between Andy and Dwight had me laughing out loud.

    I was late to the Supernatural train(i just started watching it this year)but now im on board.(ok that was cheesy)I was a Buffy and Angel fan and this show gives me that vibe.Where one second i could be laughing and the next flipped out by the creepy stuff going on.

    Life on Mars is the best new show this year.Jason O’Mara is great as Sam.The rest of the cast is perfect.(Harvey Keitel,Michael Imperioli,and Gretchen Mol)I know it’s a Brit remake but there is nothing like it on tv now and i can only hope it finds viewers.Last nights episode dealing with Sam’s mother was the best yet!I can’t go into specifics because i don’t want to spoil it for those who have not watched yet but there was some major character/plot advancement going on.CHECK THIS SHOW OUT!!!

  • Josh C.

    Grey’s Anatomy was so good!! Army Doctor def gave it a new IV of life not that it wasnt good before. But something about this episode was particularly AWESOME!

  • Mel

    Supernatural was great last night. Guest stars Robert Wisdom and Misha Collins as angels Uriel and Castiel were wonderful both in their scene together and with the Winchesters. I love the new depth that the introduction of the ‘good’ side of the supernatural world brings to the series.
    Jared and Jensen continue to build complexity and depth in their performances of Sam and Dean Winchester.

  • Linda B.

    I was disappointed the whole Office episode wasn’t about Halloween. Those first 2 minutes were hysterical.

  • annsensei

    on grey’s, it was interesting seeing christina develop a heart. I couldn’t believe that he ordered her kill the pigs after she had been forced to fight so hard to keep them alive all day. I thought that dr army’s reaction to the confrontation with sloan and mcdreamy was interesting. they came in ready to rip into him, and he was so humble when he was asking for their advice that the verbal attack they had looked forward to would have been like kicking a puppy. lo

    life on mars was pretty good. it was REALLY interesting to see sam’s interaction with his mom.