November Sweeps Stunts: CW Edition

perez hilton privileged
Perez Hilton Guests on PRIVILEGED

When it comes to pandering, McCain and Obama have nothing on the Big 5 Television Networks. Which is why will be spending the next few days highlighting some of the most blatant sweeps casting stunts since Britney appeared on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. First up the CW, complete with witty one-lines free of charge.

November 3: THE OC’s Willa Holland returns as Jenny’s bad influence on GOSSIP GIRL. In related gossip, Holland’s fictional TV sister Misha Barton is quietly segwaying into professional dog walking. Awkward.

November 4: 90210’s Harry and Debbie tell Annie and Dixon that their Grandmother is being written out of the show about Harry’s son who was given up for adoption.

November 4: Our favorite Nun Kathy Najimy guest stars as the twin’s hot-shot publicist on PRIVILEGED.

November 6: After discovering how not so super the unemployment line is, Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort) returns to SMALLVILLE.

November 10: If you recognize tonight’s two GOSSIP GIRL guest stars — Wallace Shawn and Cyndi Lauper — odds are good that you’re probably a little too old to be watching the show.

November 11: Jennie Garth returns to the zip code that made her famous. And with her, we’re willing to bet, a few thousand more viewers as well.

November 11: Because clearly this TV Addict’s invitation got lost in the mail, ‘Celebrity’ blogger Perez Hilton steps into make a cameo appearance on PRIVILEGED. Seriously, not jealous at all.

November 20: A very familiar face returns for Chloe and Jimmy’s wedding.

November 20: Dean finally reveals to Sam what happened to him in hell.

Photo Credit: Scott Humbert / The CW © 2008

  • TVFan

    Thanks! So marking down my calendar for Perez’s turn on Privileged. Jokes. But really thanks. Very much looking forward to Jennie Garth’s return to 90210

  • Josh Emerson

    Not a single thing I give a crap about. The CW sucks (except OTH)

  • Kara

    LOVE CW…hehe only for GOSSIP GIRL (how good was last nights episode.??..OMG..AMAZING!!!!!) anyways…and sometimes 90210 and Privileged.

  • GGFan

    mmm, last night was sunday and GG’s new episode airs tonight