Exclusive Scoop: A GREY’S ANATOMY Policy Change

Following yesterday evening’s shocking news courtesy of Michael Ausiello that GREY’S ANATOMY has unceremoniously fired actress Brooke Smith, putting an abrupt end to the burgeoning relationship between Callie and Erica. In addition to E! Online Kirstin’s info that Melissa George is no longer being written as a lesbian as was originally intended. This TV Addict thought we’d share some exclusive scoop of our very own: Seattle Grace Hospital’s new policy, direct from the Chief himself.*

*Please Note: Policy may have been completely fabricated on behalf of theTVaddict.com to illustrate a point.

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  • jenny


  • Nick

    I realized after one season that this show was a soapy joke, and went cold turkey. Never looked back, never regretted it for one moment. Now we find out that the producers (or network suits) are homophobes, to boot. How much longer before America wisens up and switches to Supernatural at 9pm? It’s a no-brainer, which is, unfortunately, why people are still lapping at the Grey’s trough of tripe…viewers with no brains.

  • Michele

    That’s what happens when the network is owned by Disney!

  • TVFan


    It’s a reference to the US military’s “Don’t ask Don’t tell policy”


  • tim w. in tx

    Surprised by the firing, but I think it all boils down to chemistry and Hahn didn’t have that with Callie. Although, ridding itself of any ‘homosexual tendencies’ is a crock. Is only ‘straight love’ allowed at Seattle Grace?

  • nctodc

    Count me among those who were very disappointed by this firing. Even excluding the charges of homophobia (which I think are completely valid), I think this is a horrible way to treat someone who had been willing to do whatever was asked of her (she actually DIDN’T want to play a lesbian) and has been such an asset to the cast.

  • Alyssa

    I think the firing had more to do with the characters and the storyline being so overly stupid and grating than the fact that it had to do with a lesbian relationship. Hahn was annoying. Callie has always been annoying. And Melissa George is the queen of annoying. Anyone feeling a loss?

  • Patty

    I just hope and pray that this was not a result of homophobia because, if it is, then there are some SERIOUS problems going on over there at Seattle Grace. I’ll stick to Supernatural, thank you VERY much.

    yay Obama!

  • Naf

    First ABC get rid of Alexis Mead on Ugly Betty, then Carmelita on Dirty Sexy Money. What next? Kevin Walker realizes he’s actually in love with Holly Harper? What is going on with that network? Even if the firing wasn’t related to the lesbian storyline, it’s such a spit in the face to all those who have spent time investing in these characters for one of them to just disappear. While I don’t think Hahn and Callie were a great couple, it was no where near as bad as George and Izzie, and Brooke Smith was good in the role. To simply remove her because her current storyline isn’t working is a terrible decision. Can’t the writers just do their jobs and write something better for her?

    If this decision came from the network, it’s interesting to consider how much input they should have with the show. The public haven’t been against Hahn, and people seemed to like the character, so why are they allowed to demand which characters get removed? The show is still a hit in the ratings, so why mess with it? If I thought it would make a difference, I would stop watching Grey’s Anatomy after this.