First Look: SUPERNATURAL “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

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If you’d like to really know what happened to Sam during the four long months following Dean’s death, do not, I repeat DO NOT click play on the videos above and below.

Gotcha! Did you really think the CW would leak such spoilerific material this early? Of course not! But nonetheless, enjoy this first look at Thursday’s brand new episode of SUPERNATURAL.

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  • Mel

    Coooool!! Can’t wait ’til Thursday!!!

  • CarolAnnly

    Thank you for the clips from 4.09. It goes without sayin – I’m addicted to
    Supernatural AND it’s spoilers. Thanks again.

  • Jillian

    Thanks for the clip!

  • Debbie C

    Awwwww, some of the angels don’t like Sam at all… *sniff*. He tries so hard… I love the “The Dean”… Dean has always been Dean, the Dean, best night of my life Dean (The Kids are Alright)… Now that, is great!

  • Cneryl

    Looks like some angels aren’t much different then people like Gordon who can only see things in terms of black and white (or good and evil) when it comes to Sam. Too bad with such limited thinking they can’t see the goodness of his heart and that even with this curse of demon blood and the tragedies and pain he’s endured his whole life,Sam with his amazing inner strength keeps fighting the good fight ,he cares so deeply about people and doing the right thing.
    But I think Anna sees in shades of gray that she sees what a good person Sam is Can’t wait for this episode and the next,we’re going to fidn out so much about our boys!

  • Dave

    Wow Ruby sucks at acting. Hot though.

  • Heather

    Hey Cheryl, I have a feeling all this black and white thinking is going to get them exactly what they want… Evil Sam. Think of it as the Star Wars syndrome… Anikin was told by everyone that he was going to be evil, then the one person who told he was awesome was evil so he went that direction. I bet that’s what happens here.

    Dave- I hate this new Ruby. She DOES suck at acting. 😛

  • Natassa

    I Love the show! I Don’t like Ruby or the actress portraying her, sorry, she has no chemistry whatsoever with the boys. I trust the writters and creators and all, but they must see that right? As for Usual subject of Sammy turning evil, I PERSONALLY HATE IT. LOVE THE BROTHERS BOND AND THE LOVE THEY FEEL FOR EACH OTHER, BUT NEVER VERBALIZE TO EACH OTHER!! I’M IN TO THIS SHOW FOR THAT AND THE CREATORS HAVE GONE TO A LOT OF TROUBLE TO ESTABLISH THAT LOVE TO TURN THE BROTHERS AGAINST EACH OTHER, SO I HAVE FAITH!!!