Good News, Bad News: THE CLEVELAND SHOW, HEROES & Tori Spelling

Good News: THE CLEVELAND SHOW has officially gotten picked up for an entire season proving, as creator Seth MacFarlane so accurately put it, “that an African-American can make it in this country!” Bad News: Fans will have to wait until Fall 2009 for the show to premiere. [Source]

Good News: Bryan Fuller, the man who many (including this TV Addict) believe was responsible for the high quality of HEROES first season is getting set to re-join the show. Bad News: When PUSHING DAISIES finishes shooting its final episode this week. [Source]

Good News: Tori Spelling is getting set to return to the CW. Bad News: On SMALLVILLE, not 90210 (yet!) [Source]

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  • blueberry

    I don’t understand. There has been zero promotion of Pushing Daisies this season– not one commercial. All I see is Dancing with the F%$ing Hasbeens and that stupid Grey’s Anatomy spinoff.

    This is bull.

  • Josh Emerson

    Pushing Daisies was screwed over by ABC. After the writer’s strike ended, the show should’ve been brought back immediately. We’re seeing with most other shows that the ones saved for the fall are struggling to get their audience back. Luckily NBC has stuck with Chuck for the entire season, and I wish Daisies could get the same.

  • It’s a shame about Pushing Daisies. I just got into it this season and I was really enjoying it.

  • Armando A

    Im not watching any new ABC show from now on….

  • Andie

    There has been NO official announcement on Pushing Daisies, and we already knew Bryan MIGHT return to Heroes IF Daisies is canceled.
    This proves nothing.

  • Nick.C.

    I can not wait for THE CLEVELAND SHOW …Seth MacFarlane has one of the funniest minds in TV.Im just wondering when he’s going to get in front of the camera.

  • Jess

    You see that’s what drives me crazy about the networks the say they want something to succeed but the give it 0 support. I don’t personally watching PUSING DAISIES but i feel you pain I’m already worried about DOLLHOUSE. On the other really think Bryan coming back to HEROES would be awesome.

  • blueberry

    If Pushing Daisies were to get canceled and Fuller’s return to Heroes does not improve its quality, I will be doubly pissed since I have recently ranked Pushing Daisies as my number one show this season ahead of Heroes.

    Note: That means I only really watch two shows. Come January, my list changes almost completely.