Question of the Day: PRIVILEGED For Perez?

perez hilton privileged

When it comes to enticing you to watch Tuesday night’s brand new episode of PRIVILEGED, does a cameo by the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” Perez Hilton help or hurt?

Photo Credit: Scott Humbert / The CW © 2008

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  • paketep

    If people had a minimum of common sense and self respect, it should hurt. Badly.

  • Naf

    I would say it hurts, but Paris Hilton was on Veronica Mars, so I’m not one to judge.

  • MDD

    “Queen of All Media” Perez Hilton help or hurt? I would say hurt, due to the fact he a big fame whore… Priveleged doesn’t need him, it has its own charms…

  • Hurt, but I love “Privileged” anyway.

  • Shelllley

    Perez or no Perez… I was going to watch it anyway.
    Although, when I saw him I had to roll my eyes. Famewhore.
    It was stupid & he didn’t add to the show in anyway.

    Speidi on HIMYM though…. That is an entirely different bag of hammers. I never miss an episode. Love that show.
    However, I will not be watching the night they are on.