Week in Rewind

Class Act of the Week: Elisabeth Hasselbeck
While the cynic in us is still pondering the significance of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s all black ensemble post election day on THE VIEW. This TV Addict will give her credit for as Defamer so eloquently put it, delivering one helluva concession speech (Not to mention summing up the energy for a fist bump with frequent verbal sparring partner Joy Behar.)

Opportunity Wasted of the Week: CNN’s Election night hologram
Not only was CNN’s reported 40 HD cameras at an estimated cost of $300 – $400,000 completely unnecessary on what turned out to be one of America’s most memorable elections ever. Correspondent Jessica Yellin completely botched her ‘lines’ by forgetting the one phrase every viewer was waiting with baited breath to hear, “Help Me Wolf Blitzer… you’re my only hope.”

Poor Scheduling Decision of the Week: CW Tuesday
How many of you found time to catch last week’s installments of 90210 and PRIVILEGED during Tuesday’s historic election?

Executive Producer of the Week: Rebecca Kirshner
Who was recently hired to make the CW’s fledgling 90210 re-boot watchable, started things off on the right foot by managing to not sully the right of passage for virtually every teen-centric show on television — the proverbial slumber party. More importanatly, for the first time since well, forever, this TV Addict is actually looking forward to what happens next in our favorite zip. So kudos to you Mrs. Kirshner. Here’s hoping you keep it up.

Irony of the Week: Lori Loughlin
And speaking of 90210, is anyone else finding it hilarious (and somewhat sad) that TV mom Lori Loughlin gets more screen-time on the CW’s free2begreen PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) than she does on the actual show?

Disappointment of the Week: Comedy Central’s INDECISION 2008
The TV Addict has voted, and Comedy Central must stop putting together Stewart and Colbert on big election nights. I mean sure in theory combining your two most powerful shows seems like a good idea. But as Homer Simpson is so fond of reminding us, “In theory, Communism works”. In reality, the over-the-top brilliant character that is Stephen Colbert is completely brought back to earth whenever he’s around real-life friend Jon Stewart. Turning the Comedy Central Specials into the television equivalent of of a George Clooney/Brad Pitt movie. (Translation: The actor’s are having far more fun than the audience.)

Favorite Three Shows of the Week:
TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (Loving the Agent Ellison Catherine Weaver story line), PRIVILEGED (We’re so on Team Rose!) and 30 ROCK (Even though it made Quote of the Week, Tracy’s line bares repeating, “I watched BOSTON LEGAL nine times before I realized it wasn’t the new STAR TREK.”)

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