Is ABC Giving Up on LIFE ON MARS?

Giving Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily a run for her money in the news-breaking department, yesterday’s Hollywood Reporter Live Feed broke the news that ABC plans on moving LIFE ON MARS’ from its cushy post-GREY’S ANATOMY time-slot to Wednesday night’s following LOST come January 2009.

Now this TV Addict is the first to admit that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist brain surgeon to see that the one-two combo of GREY’S ANATOMY and PRIVATE PRACTICE just makes perfect medical sense. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for LIFE ON MARS’ prospects when it moves to Wednesday at 10PM following LOST.

Remember INVASION? The short-lived thriller THE NINE? Two shows that spectacularly failed with LOST as their lead-in. In fact, no show has ever succeeded following LOST. Probably because when the average viewer thinks of LOST, they’re most likely thinking of a complex mythology laden show that requires far too much of an investment of time and energy to enjoy (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Which if you ask this TV Addict, isn’t the message ABC should be sending to potential fans of LIFE ON MARS. ABC should be taking a page from CBS (See: WITHOUT A COLD CSI IN NEW YORK) and sell LIFE ON MARS as your standard procedural so that it even has an outside shot of becoming the mass appeal procedural hit that it so richly deserves to be.

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  • randa

    Who wants standard procedural? Not me.

  • Hil

    My problem with things following Lost is that when Lost hits its closing credits I am very much inclined to turn the tv off and go on the internet to theorize. I don’t really think of what comes on after it. 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    I think their reasoning has more to do with saving Private Practice than anything else. They’ve put a lot of money and promotion into the show and want it to succeed, even if that hurts Life On Mars.

    Just be glad LOM is sticking around. The same can’t be said for my beloved Pushing Daisies. I’d gladly take any time slot at all for the show if it meant there would be more episodes.

  • Nick.C.

    I understand what your saying but it fits better with LOST than the ER soap opera that is Greys….No matter what i just want Life on Mars to succeed.It’s to damn good!!!

  • David

    are you sure you have the right time slot? i thought lost was going back to wednesdays at 9. i think it would be a good lead in if you mean 8 or i agree if you meant 10 because all the lost websites say lost returning to wednesdays at 9. From “Here’s some good news to kick off your weekend: Variety has announced that Lost season 5 will premiere on January 21. The series will be returning to its old time slot of Wednesdays at 9pm, which makes me happy since I’m incapable of staying awake past 10. That time slot is currently the home of Private Practice, which will be relocated once Lost returns. Season 5 will kick off with a recap show at 8pm, followed by a two-hour premiere event beginning at 9.”

  • AHA

    Heh, this just makes it easier for me to drop Private Practice and/or Grey’s.

    I believe Bones, will move to Thursdays; so it’s going to be Bones, ER, 30 Rock and Smallville on Thursdays. Unless that changes further..

    Lost, Life on Mars and possibly that new show Lie to Me on Wednesdays.

    And it’s quite possible that I’m not up to date or correct in these days and these shows. Am I TvAddict/Guru?

  • David,

    Sorry for the confusion. LIFE ON MARS will be airing at 10PM on Wednesday’s following LOST at 9PM. PRIVATE PRACTICE will take LIFE ON MARS’ spot on Thursday following GREY’S ANATOMY

  • I really think the post-Grey’s and Lost timeslots are overrated — they always schedule shows that should do well but never do. That’s why I think it’s weird they call Wednesdays and Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on ABC “plum timeslots,” because in reality they don’t hold on to their lead-ins very well in the ratings.

  • Kate

    I don’t like to clutter my brain with additional television after watching an excellent episode of LOST!

  • It’s fine for me either way. Because Life on Mars comes on at 10 it makes it easy for me to catch it cause it doesn’t conflict with anything. My only problem is I hate when shows get moved around period.

    I think this actually says more about PP than LOM. I think PP really needs a boost and they’re hoping that pairing it with Grey’s will get people to watch.

  • Shannon

    It makes perfect sense to me since LoM has a very similar audience to Lost. They would seem to be a perfect match, IMO.

  • geocool

    One thing you’re forgetting is that Invasion and The Nine were not good shows. It was really tedious waiting all season long for something to happen on Invasion. When it finally did nobody cared. The Nine was a good idea but a lousy show.

    I’m sad to hear the comments from the “Lost” people that they prefer to turn the TV off after a new episode. Please — why not give Life on Mars a chance? It’s a good show, and it has the potential to be really great.

    I really hope that the time change is a boon for the show. They probably can’t get fewer lead-in viewers than they got from Grey’s. I hope their viewers move with the show and they pick up a few more from Lost and a less competative time slot.


    No wonder ABC is in dead last place in the network wars! It’s bonehead moves like this that make them last. I CANNOT believe that not only is ABC moving Life on Mars from its 10PM Thursday slot to Wednesdays at 10PM (putting it up against CSI NY, which I love also), but it’s putting it on hiatus until the end of January – TWO MONTHS FROM NOW!!!! WHY????? What brilliant (DRIPPING WITH SARCASM) ABC exec thought this was a good idea? MORONS! I love this show, it’s one of the best shows that’s been put on TV since the last CSI and now ABC is going to offer it up for the slaughter. THANKS ABC PINHEADS! I HOPE YOU ALL GET FIRED!!!

  • Scarlett

    I love this show!!!! And I am not much of a TV fanatic. But I do love this show and Heroes. Don’t even compare this show to Nine or Invasion!!! Life on Mars is the best!!!! I am going crazy to see the next episode…

  • Joe from St. Louis

    I am just going to have to lower my standards, I guess. This practice I have of seeking out those very few and far between rare gems like “Life On Mars” is getting exhausting, and pushing me very close to bitterly throwing in the towel. Every time I find one either they barely claw their way through to some kind of ending, not knowing if they’ll get more episodes in which to finish it if they don’t, or they get axed within hours of me realizing how much I love it and want to see it again.

  • vinny

    This show is great! Great cast! Likable characters. A whiff of the “twilight zone” throne in.

    I know were all getting anxiety from the prospect that abc is “giving up”, but that’s just speculation and there are several reasonable theories, as all the other good comments above point out. This show is unique and brings in viewers that would not watch the shows put opposite it on the other networks.

  • Angie

    Life in Mars is an excellent show no matter where you put it. Leave it alone and leave it on the air. It is alot better than all the trashy reality shows that are clogging up the works.

  • Great Show, it has been hard to advertise to friends I know would love this show when it is all over the place in time slots. It would be great to have this show continued.
    It is so much more fun to watch than the dating shows, weight loss shows, reality shows and other human degrading crap that is out there.

  • Blaine

    You can not have a sci. fi. premiss indefintly without an explaination.

  • Blaine

    I think that is why John Doe is no longer on the air.

  • A

    Life on Mars is turning out to have a bit of mythology itself don’t you think? The Aries Project and now he meets a fellow traveler who had supposedly found the way home. I think this is a lot of the sky is falling nonsense tbh. This show is about the only show that can follow Lost and keep viewers because it’s got the wtf vibe going for it just like Lost.

  • dsquillen

    Life on Mars is one of the best shows on TV right now so of course it needs to jerked off TV, Hey its not a REALTY SHOW. I’m sick & tired of Realty shows right now c’mon this show is entertaining and needs to be given a chance. There are so many other shows out there right now that dont belong on TV. Put it on another night or earlier on Wednesday



  • Iris

    LOM is so entertaining. It’s the only show I watch on ABC. I think it needs more time for viewers to discover this gem. I guess I’m just a sucker for 70’s nostalgia. I love everything about this show.

  • Laura

    Life on Mars has such a great cast! I enjoy each of the characters and think they are all great in their parts. They all have such chemistry together. Great casting! It is the only thing I look forward to watching every week. It is entertaining with nostalgia and a bit of mystery mixed in. This show definitely needs more time for people to discover how good it is. I hope it can be saved!

  • I am not happy Life On Mars is done and Grey’s (stopped watching after last season)/Private Practice (silly from the start) still have time slots. When will TV execs wake up to good writing?

  • I am not happy Life On Mars is done and Grey’s (stopped watching after last season)/Private Practice (silly from the start) still have time slots. When will TV execs wake up and keep a ggod show on TV?

  • Connie and Bud

    We are so disappointed that Life on Mars is ending. We couldn’t wait until the next episode. Great characters, great music and we never new what was coming next. We will miss this cast. First we lost Boston Legal and now Life on Mars. Bummer” We hope it goes on DVD so we can see the first shows that we missed after we got hooked on the show.

  • g dannunzio

    please do not take this show foo the air
    let it keep runnigg. PLEASE

  • tony

    This is BS! Im sick and tired of people canceling the good shows and leaving the trash stay on the tv. Bull Shitting a last show together isn’t right. Writers sit in dark rooms for days months even year to write this work. Finish the first season at least that so you can make money off then box set jerks. People do like this show, it’s just a bad tv slot.

    ps burn in hell…

    thank you