TERMINATOR Showrunner Josh Friedman Answers Some Burning Questions

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If you’re anything like this TV Addict (ie: one devilishly handsome television fanatic), odds are fairly good that following last night’s gripping installment of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES you were left wondering a few things. Namely, is Cromartie really “dead,” what is John Connor’s “tell,” and how is it that a killer robot sent from the future can’t seem to hit the broad side of an escaping car whilst firing and Uzi and a shot gun at the same time!

Of course not being named any of the following — Mo Ryan, Tim Goodman, Michael Ausiello, Matt Webb Mitovich, Kristen Dos Santos, Korbi Gosh… well, you get the idea — your very own TV Addict couldn’t exactly get showrunner Josh Friedman on the phone following the episode. Rather, I had to brave the hordes of overly-excitable TERMINATOR fans in order to pose a few questions to Friedman, who alongside episode writer Dan Thomsen and actor Garret Dillahunt were kind enough to chat with fans and a TV Addict in disguise following last night’s episode. (Just wait until my legal name change goes through. I mean which showrunner in their right mind is going to not pick up the phone for Mo Goodman Ausiello dos Mitovich!)

(Editor’s Note: Questions asked by the TV Addict are indicated, all others asked by fans)

How did Garret Dillahunt handle learning that he’d be “killed” off?
Josh Friedman: Garret took it well when I told him he was a goner. He said: whatever’s good for the story.

The TV Addict: Have we really seen the last of Cromartie?
Garrett Dillahunt: The writers won’t let us discuss the rest of the season, but I think its safe to say you haven’t seen the last of me.

Garret, Who’d win in a fight between Cromartie and Cameron?
Garrett Dillahunt: Cameron. Although I do think I’d have a chance because she’s just too weak and too small. And she’d be distracted by my good looks.

The TV Addict: Will the second season end on a cliffhanger or in a manner in which fans will be satisifed should the show not get picked up for a third season?
Josh Friedman: How about the show moving to Fridays? Who knows… I’m happy to be with Joss Whedon and now we’ll see how fervent our fans are…Which is to say… will you stay home?

The TV Addict: With the show moving to Friday’s and being paired with DOLLHOUSE what are your thoughts on a crossover! Or would such a nerdtastic crossover blow up the internets?
Josh Friedman: I think the crossover I’d like with DOLLHOUSE is for Joss [Whedon] to come over and write my show for a week so i can go to Hawaii.

(Editor’s Note: Sadly, my follow up question with regards to who’d win in a girl-fight between Summer Glau and Eliza Dushku wasn’t answered!)

The TV Addict: How long will Stephanie Jacobsen’s Jesse be on the show for?
Josh Friedman: Stephanie will be around for a while. She’s got some work to do. We love her.

Why does John continue to risk Riley’s life by being in a relationship with her?
Josh Friedman: I think John’s an idiot to be involved with Riley but I think he’s got his reasons.

Will we be spending more time in the future?
Josh Friedman: There will be more future stuff. Yes. Definitely. It’s gonna be good. At least i like it.

The TV Addict: Can fans expect any big name guest stars?
Josh Friedman: Richard Schiff is going to be on next week. He’s awesome.
Dan Thomsen: Schiff is totally awesome. And Toby was my favorite WEST WING character, so it was really neat to see him on the show.

The TV Addict: How would you improve HEROES?
Josh Friedman: Bring back Bryan Fuller.

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe/FOX