Post the TV Shows You Record Each Week But Don’t Actually Watch

Taking a page from this morning’s Popwatch Blog, here are the five shows that I PVR/DVR every week, yet don’t actually watch.


Post away with your five.

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  • All 3 CSI’s and 2 Law & Order’s

  • itgirl25

    Fringe, Sanctuary, Heroes.

    True Blood was up there until last week.

  • Diana

    True Blood
    Pushing Daisies

    But I did manage to make a dent in all three of those over the weekend, and am only down to 3 episodes a piece to go through.

  • Josh Emerson

    -Gossip Girl (sometimes I think “oh that sounds like a good episode” and DVR but I never end up watching)
    -Private Practice

    I used to DVR Prison Break and then not watch it, but then I realized there was must be a reason why I never end up watching it.

  • jess

    True Bloods season is almost over you should check it out.

    For me the 5 would be:

    Sanctuary (although i just officially gave up on it and took it off rotation)
    Life On Mars
    Private Practice
    General Hospital (does daytime count)

  • tlcinvt

    OMG How can you not watch True Blood as soon as it airs? I am so hooked.

    Top Five Shows that pile up on our DVR:

    1. The Mentalist
    2. Eleventh Hour
    3. Fringe (I’m sorry, I want to love this… I really do!)
    4. Life on Mars
    5. Pushing Daisies (My husband won’t watch this one, and I have little time to watch shows on my own.)

    As a side note, it is very likely we will finish all of the episodes we have recorded. It is always nice to have new episodes to watch during the Holidays and over the summer.

    Shows that we set to record this year, but never even watched before deleting the timer:
    1. My Own Worst Enemy
    2. Crusoe

  • Paul

    The last season of The Shield is piling up on my DVR. I’m at the point where I’m going to wait for all of them and have a weekend marathon to say goodbye.

  • r dubs

    Sarah Conner Chronicles
    True Blood
    Pushing Daisies

    to be fair, I do get around to most of them..eventually…Priviledged I’ll watch when I have nothing else and need some bubble gum, Sarah Connor if I’m at the dvr in the kitchen or really bored, and Fringe & True Blood come when I’m mentally prepared to be scared and/or disturbed.

  • Heather

    My Own Worst Enemy
    Stargate: Atlantis
    Eleventh Hour
    CSI (Take Your Pick, I catch up when I do chores)

  • My Own Worst Enemy
    Fringe (I love it when I watch it too but I never feel like putting it on)
    Supernatural (same as above, it might be the ick factor)

    I would have added Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money but I’m actually finally catching up on it today.

    Meanwhile, I deleted all of Heroes cause I’m just totally giving up on it.

  • I really only have 2 that I consistantly don’t watch:

    Ugly Betty
    Dirty Sexy Money

  • The only thing that ever piles up on us is Stargate Atlantis. Everything else is watched before the next ep or right after a 2nd ep airs (cause we like to have a marathon lol)

  • AHA

    These are more like shows I might get back to if I have the time

    1. Ugly Betty
    2. My Own Worst Enemy
    3. Supernatural
    4. Eleventh Hour
    5. Mad Men (though I think I’m too much of a feminist to stand this, I quit after 4 episodes initially)

    Yet another West Wing marathon is more likely though..

  • Andy

    II just did a clean up but it has been:

    1. Heroes (Really feels like a chore)
    2. Jon and Kate Plus Eight
    3. Private Practice
    4. Dirty Sexy Money (I loved the first season but haven’t watched a single episode they all just sit there…maybe today…maybe)

    Amazing Race usually sits there for about a week but not as long as any of those shows above

  • jeck

    1) FRINGE (just haven’t gotten around to watching but I do plan to)
    2) HEROES (I just canceled by season pass)
    3) Private Practice (I should just cancel this, too)

  • kilmoonie

    I kind of want to see a tally in the end.

    Mine (ours, counting my girlfriend):

    HOUSE (she eventually watches this though, but they build up)

    And we stopped recording TRUE BLOOD, even though that was one at one point. Once we finally watched it and didn’t like it, we canceled it.


  • John

    Heroes is the only show accumulating on my DVR right now.

    I want to want to watch it, but I have lost the willingness to sit through more disappointing and uninteresting episodes.

    I am working up the nerve to delete the shows and drop it from my season pass.

  • Josh Emerson

    After the past few weeks, I need to add Brothers & Sisters to my list. I put the show “on notice” since I haven’t particularly enjoyed it this season, and I haven’t bothered to watch the past two episodes. I just can’t get into them.

    I’m really not enjoying the Ryan storyline, the Saul is gay storyline, the Justin/Rebecca romance….I can’t think of any I am enjoying.

  • My Own Worst Enemy
    and, to a lesser extent,
    Ugly Betty

  • cam3150

    -Smallville ( I LOVE this but am 4 eps behind right now)
    -Heroes (3 behind)
    -Desperate Housewives (just watched 5 in a row this weekend)
    -Gossip Girl (am normally caught up but am currently 3 behind)
    -Prison Break (I still love this one but have 2 to watch)
    -Lipstick Jungle (2 behind — I’m so worried that it’s going to get canceled!!)
    -Chuck (thanks to a DVR mishap, I’m 3 behind, normally watch live)
    -The Mentalist (watched all 5 two weeks ago, now behind just one — LOVE IT)
    -My Own Worst Enemy (haven’t watch any yet but I want to; waiting to see if it gets canceled).
    -Pushing Daisies (2 behind)
    -90210 (2 behind)

    I do get around to watching everything eventually as I love them all. My DVR is at 80% capacity right now. That includes all of the above, plus too many Jon and Kate + 8’s to count, the election night speeches that I’ve yet to watch, and the Alabama vs LSU game from the weekend that I still haven’t watched (Roll Tide!!)

    Shows that I recorded for a while before giving up entirely:

    -House (LOVED it but ended up with around 12 to watch and it was just too overwhelming so just deleted them with promises to watch the DVD’s one day)
    -Fringe ( I wanted to love it but it was too complicated and I can only take one of those — Lost!!)
    -Numbers (watched for years, then just gave up)

    Shows I watch live or the same night it airs:

    -The Office
    -Dirty Sexy Money
    -Private Practice
    -Project Runway

  • jess

    Shows I watch live are few and far between. Busy girl here and i must confess DVR has spoiled me rotten. But I tell what i watch right away usually the same night. Heroes, Bones, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, True BLood, and Desperate Housewives. Do I watch to much TV? Every thinng else I’m usually a day or two behind like Terminator, Prison Break, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Army Wives, Valentine (pure fluff but i like), Supernatural ( which is totally rocking this season I love DEAN!), Stargate Atlantis, the seeker (shades of nostalgia for Xena & Hercules). And again I ask do i watch too much TV?

  • jack

    -big bang theory
    -new adventures of old christine
    -little britain USA
    (sometimes watch them when i can….)
    -greys anatomy
    -prison break

  • blueberry

    The facts are these:

    Pushing Daisies is the only show worth watching not named Lost. Yet, it is destined for cancellation.

  • Kate

    True Blood – I want to like it, but if I’m honest with myself I don’t
    Lipstick Jungle – Will watch if really bored
    Brothers & Sisters- I love this show, but somehow I’m always getting behind

  • Nelly


    I have the 3 first episodes of S5 and I’ve seen only the 1st one, can’t make myself watch the rest or loose my time recording/saving the new ones >.< I just don’t bother anymore.

  • Mel

    Pushing Daisies — don’t know why I bothered, haven’t watch one episode
    Sarah Connors — I was caught up, Now I’m back 2 or 3
    Fringe – canceled and deleted already
    True Blood — I’ve been watching, but I’m with you, Kate — if I’m honest with myself, I just don’t like it much.

  • CC

    Private Practice
    Ugly Betty

  • nina

    life and times of tim
    easy money

  • TK

    Biggest Loser
    Extreme Home makeover
    CSI MIami
    Law & Order SVU

  • awesomegirly

    1. Ugly Betty
    2. 90210
    3. Americas Next Top Model
    4. Greys Anantomy

    nothing else really… although I am not sure how you DONT watch
    one tree hill- Best Show Ever