PRIVILEGED Picked Up For Five!

Attention Sage Baker. Your quest to become the next Paris hilton just got a little bit easier thanks to this afternoon’s surprising, albeit welcome announcement that the CW has decided to order five more episodes of the TV Addict’s favorite fall show PRIVILEGED. Also set to help is the CW’s savvy programming decision (no really, you’re reading that correctly) to award PRIVILEGED with the cushy post-GOSSIP GIRL time-slot on December 1 and 8. Here’s hoping America will finally clue into what this TV Addict has been saying since PRIVILEGED premiered. Next to LIFE ON MARS, it’s the best fall show that you’re not watching.

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  • Sof

    This is awesome news! I love this show! JoAnna Garcia is amazing.

  • WOOOO!!!

  • randa


  • TVFan

    Such Amazing News TVA! Thanks for posting

  • Kate


  • CC

    Thats great, but what happens to One Tree Hill? Which is amazing this season!

  • Gabi

    i was actually hoping it would get cancelled, am I the only one who watched the pilot and hated it?

  • Jocelyn

    YAY!! Loving Privileged, and it belongs with Gossip Girl, similar vibe though more… wholesome? I hate that word though, brings up ideas of gingham and such. Excellent show, real quality!

  • erwin

    JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJ 😀 Met de aflevering meer wordt de serie leuker!

  • Nick

    Yes, Gabi, you’re the ONLY one.

    This is the best decision Les Moonv….errrrrr, Dawn Ostroff has made all season. Privileged is too cool. (Rina, does this order mean that Gregory Smith will, indeed, appear this season? Please!)

    It’s a shame more viewers don’t catch on to the outstanding series that are offered to them. Off the top of my head, I can think of Related, Veronica Mars, Easy Money and Privileged as outstanding shows that deserve(d) more viewer support. But, alas, people just prefer to cry about quality fare being cancelled, while they’re off glued to Idol, Deal, and Dancing. Idiots, one and all.