Good News: After picking up PRIVILEGED for five additional episodes, this TV Addict’s faith in a network’s ability to show patience by allowing a show to find its audience was momentarily restored. Bad News: For quite literally, three hours, until news leaked out that NBC has cancelled MY OWN WORST ENEMY and LIPSTICK JUNGLE. The latter of which I really was enjoying. [Source]

Good News: In the wake of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s departure, SNL has upped their female quotient by adding two female cast members, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliot. Bad News: Both of whom we’re pretty sure are going to have a challenging time playing Michelle Obama. Paging the diversity police, anyone… [Source]

Good News: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER continues to make headlines. Bad News: By pandering to the worst of America’s television sensibilities and booking famous-for-nothings Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for an upcoming episode. [Source]

  • Linda B.

    I’m not surprised My Own Worst Enemy was cancelled. Monday night at 10pm on NBC seems to be a worse spot for a new show than the graveyard known as Friday night. I was going to start watching this show, but decided not to since i had way too much on my plate already.

    I am sorry to hear about Lipstick Jungle though. I know it was a favorite of yours. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it this season and was going to catch up w/ it this summer.

  • Shelllley

    I hate hate HATE that HIMYM is using those douche bags in an upcoming episode. I will not be tuning into that particular episode. (I have not misses an episode yet).
    Did I mention I HATE that they are giving those 3 usless individuals more press? UGH.
    Hate it!

  • Nick

    I’ll be honest, My Own Worst Enemy was just that. The plot-contrivance was too limited. Once you’ve seen the split-personality episode a half-dozen times, where do you go with the story?

    The only reason to watch the show, frankly, was for the far-too-few scenes with Taylor Lautner, who is just freakin’ hot… other way to put it.

  • Spencer and Heidi? My skin just crawled. I’d rather have LC if we’re going to pander.

  • Kristen

    Don’t forget Kendra Wilkinson!

  • blueberry

    Ah, and I almost, almost called My Own Worst Enemy’s cancellation. I felt it was cancellation worthy during the Spring previews.

    Don’t mind me, guys, I’m just bitter that Pushing Daisies gets no support from ABC. It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster ratings machine, but damn if ABC isn’t helping out the cause by not showing one frickin’ commercial this whole season for it.