First Look: SUPERNATURAL “Heaven and Hell”

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SUPERNATURAL fans, you know you love me. XoXo, theTVaddict

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  • awesome clips, thanks sooooooo much for posting them. You are definately right about us SN fans loving u for posting them. Thanks again 😀

  • CarolAnnly

    Thanks so much for the clips. Very inteesting in a disturbing sort of way. I’m wondering where they’re going with this. Angels are bad and DemonRuby is good??? I know that Supernatural skirts the grey areas but this is turning into something nigh onto incomprehensible. Curious where this story is going and what they’re turning Sam and Dean into. The boys seem to be defending evil and demonizing good. Just seems kinda OOC to me. Tell me I’m wrong. Please…..

  • Mark

    Those angels are kickass. Best thing to ever happen to this show.

  • shelby02

    Thanks for the great clips. First impressions:
    -interesting that Dean came to Ruby’s defense and not Sam
    -It’s a good thing Sam didn’t puch or hurt Castiel. The backlash would
    have rivaled that generated by Sam/Ruby.
    -Why would Anna know what weapon would kill an angel?

    Is it Thursday yet?

  • galveston

    Wow. Intriguing. I love Pamela. She’s awesome.

  • Patty

    omg omg Mr. TVAddict, sir, love ya and love ya more for showing us the clips but now I’m going to just die waiting for Thursday. Oye vey!

  • Thanks for posting these, man! You’re a lifesaver. I’m sure I won’t go too insane while waiting for the next episode if I watch these over and over and over…

  • Jillian

    Thank you.

    I’m glad that they’re giving the angels *character*… this show does so many things right. I can’t wait until the next episode!

  • TVFan

    Counting down the days until Thursday

  • Jenna

    Man, I know I’m sensitive about this stuff (I also know I’m not alone in that) and it might be asking a lot but… could you possibly not put the title of the upcoming episode in the headline? This is my preferred go-to TVblog and I enjoy having the widget on my igoogle. I’ve been spoiled because of it the last few weeks, however, and as a Supernatural (only) spoilerphobe it kinda sucks. So I thought I’d ask… if you find the request unreasonable then I’ll just stay away 🙂

  • Anqa

    Thanks sooo much for posting these awesome clips! How did you get them? I can’t wait for Thursday, especially because of these videos. Dean fighting an angel? Dean going back to hell? Dean and Anna? No way am I missing this episode.