kitchen confidentialThanks to a star-making turn by Bradley Cooper and an all-star supporting cast including Nicholas Brendon, Owain Yeoman, John Cho, John Francis Daley, Frank Langella, Jaime King and Bonnie Summerville, it should come as no surprise that KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL ranks among one of this TV Addict’s all-time favorite brilliant-but-cancelled series.

What does come as a surprise is what this TV Addict just discovered thanks to some lazy Friday afternoon procrastination. At a mere $9.99, is practically giving away the series on DVD! Now you too can discover what millions of viewers missed out on when FOX did what they do best by yanking the hilarious albeit ratings anemic series after a mere four episodes. Simply click here to get all 13 episodes and thank me anytime for knocking a few items of your Christmas list!

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  • Nick.C.

    Just wanted to say thanks for keeping KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL
    name out there.Every season a good show gets the ax and that season it was KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL.The whole cast was great and look at them all now.They have either moved on to movies(Star Trek..Frost Nixon…Yes Man)or other hit shows(Criminal Minds…Bones….The Mentalist)
    I need to buy this dvd set…

  • TVFan

    I second Nick C’s sentiment!

  • Nick C, TVFan,

    It’s my pleasure to (a) remind fellow TV Addict’s of great shows and (b) point out amazing deals!