With the notable exception of Jennifer Aniston’s hilarious turn as Crazy Rachel Claire on 30 ROCK, this TV Addict is sad to report that I’ve once again sullied my self-proclaimed title of ultimate TV Addict by missing out on all of our favorite Thursday night shows. Which is why, I’m once again passing the buck to you all — my far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with your thoughts on last night’s installments of UGLY BETTY, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SUPERNATURAL, GREY’S ANATOMY & LIFE ON MARS.

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  • AHA

    I haven’t seen Life on Mars yet, but 30 Rock was ok IMO and Grey’s was truly awful. Dr. Hahn should not have been cut but Ghost-Denny was the most stupid storyline this season. Props to Katherine Heigl for acting that ridiculous dreck fairly well.

    Melissa George seems like a nice fresh addition, but Dr.McNewKidd or whatever is very unbelievable.

    I wonder why I still watch, but I like Dr.Sloan, the sleaze and snarkiness, which he can get away with because he is so pretty.. Karev is hot and occasionally there is some snappy dialog. Dr. Torres is ok and Christina can be entertaining.

  • I thought Grey’s was awful, George’s new character added nothing, living up to her reputation as a show killer. As for Hahn, it was just stupid, yet another prestigious doctor just up and leaves with no warning?

    Smallville was where I really lost it. They have effectively ruined the Clark and Chloe friendship. Clark basically asked his dad to mind rape Chloe against her very wishes. They have now regulated Chloe to bit character on this show. Unless she regains her knowledge of Clark’s power in the next few episodes I’m done with the show.

    Life on Mars I think just keeps getting better. I also think it will do a little better opening for Lost next year.It’s quirky enough to work. Last night made the suggestion that Sam is either in a vegetative state or is in a coma. Never watched the original so I don’t know the answer.

  • nctodc

    I’ve stopped watching Grey’s, but from the comments I’ve heard about the show, I can’t believe it’s more palpable for audiences to watch a character having a relationship with a dead guy than a lesbian one. Thanks ABC.

    “Ugly Betty” was good. I think they had the opportunity to draw the road trip with Marc, Amanda and Betty out for more hilarity, but it was still pretty funny.

    After the Q&A with David Blue, I wanted to see more of him. Cliff certainly had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

  • Josh Emerson

    GREY’S: I’ve been enjoying the show this season, with the exception of this Denny storyline. WTF? Just….WTF? Izzie seems to finally get it together, fights for her career (when she took the patient back from Alex), gets together with Alex, and now it’s back to the Denny crap?

    On a side note, Hahn leaving is a good thing IMO. She added nothing good to the show. I know they were going for tough and dedicated with her character, but she ended up being nothing but a rude biatch. Good riddance.

    30 ROCK: Pretty good. It was only ok for a 30 Rock episode though. One of the weakest in a while.

  • Josh Emerson

    Oh and I loved The Office. Jim and Pam OMFG omgggg!!!@!@!!111 lol

    Andy and Oscar calling Angela was hilarious. “I wanna see you naked!”

  • Tash

    Supernatural is on top form

    Last Nights Ep = Awesome

    Alot twists and turns this season !

  • Gabi

    Grey’s Anatomy was like everyone else said – awful. Hated everything and I just don’t understand why Denny was back – AGAIN!! Seriously, why? I too thought Izzie had moved on, but now they even kissed!!! He is dead! If they want them together so much why don’t they just kill Izzie so that they can be reunited for real.

    And am already annoyed at the new character Sadie, don’t like her at all. Anyone know how long she’ll be on this show? It was just wierd how she got to be an intern just like that.

    The explanation of Hahn leaving was bad, i thought that they might make it better this week, instead they hardly talked about it, like they just wanted everyone to forget. Is it ok for a DOCTOR to just leave his/her job one day and don’t come back the next? Can they do that? It just seems so unrealistic, and they’ve already done the same thing with Burke. I used to think the writers of this show were talented, but now I don’t know. It would have been so easy to make the Hahn storyline a little better.

  • Nick.C.

    LIFE on MARS was once again GREAT!That dancing part in the beginning when Sam did the Michael Jackson moves and then feel off the desk was very funny.Im enjoying the way Sams relationships with Annie,Ray,and Gene is evolving.It’s not rushed.I know it’s a remake but for American tv this is a very unique show.I hope it lasts.

    THE OFFICE was funny.For me the best part was Andy being Oscar’s wing man.The whole thing with Michael was sad but i like when they make him a little more human.

    30ROCK was fun,just not funny.(does that make any sense?)

  • ewanspotter

    Ditto on Smallville’s mind-rape of Chloe. That was just terrible. I’ve lost all respect for Clark — and there wasn’t much there to begin with. I knew there was a reason I’ve barely watched this season.

    As for Supernatural, I’ve never wanted to STOP WATCHING an episode. Ever. Except for last night (and one particular scene). Bleh. Excuse me while I go bleach my eyeballs and the memory portions of my brain.

  • Shelly

    Supernatural had way too much Ruby in it for my liking. And the whole storyline was basically just set up for next weeks climax, so it was a little slow paced last night. Overall, not that great, but still good television.

    Hey ewanspotter, wanna pass the bleach? Yuck.

  • Linda B.

    Are you guys talking about Sam’s wound on his arm? That was nothing.

  • Mel

    Hey Shelly — pass the bleach on over when you’re done, ‘kay??

    Naw the stitching up of the arm was cool. As was Sam fixing Dean’s dislocated shoulder: “On three. One . . **pop**”

  • I am in the minority but I don’t care. LOVE having Denny back. He made s2 for me. I want to see where they are going. I’m upset Hahn is gone because I saw a great opportunity for her and Izzie to go head to head over the LVAD/stolen heart thing but c’est la vie.

    Life on Mars is great. It’s hard to watch cause I want Sam to get back to 2008 but I know that essentially means the end of the show.

    Betty was decent. I liked Daniel sticking up for Betty and Claire hinting at something more with them.

  • I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy after last season and Ugly Betty a few episodes ago. The more I read people’s comments, the more glad I am that I dropped them.

    Though with Monday & Tuesday being full of good shows, it does make Wednesday & Thursday feel like a void in the week. I think I’m down to only South Park on Wed and Survivor on Thursday.

  • ewanspotter

    Linda, I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me it’s the Sam/Ruby sex scene I want to erase from my memory.


  • paketep

    Well, I can say that last Grey’s episode might be the one that finally pushes me to drop it: Hahn, Sadie, Dennie… So many f* ups in the last two episodes.

    Just the fact that Shonda lets the suits mangle in the show is reason enough, though.