New STAR TREK Trailer: Highly Illogical

If you only get one chance to make a good first impression, why is Paramount holding off on releasing the official trailer for its highly-anticipated STAR TREK re-boot until Monday at noon? (

Or, as our favorite pointy-eared philosopher might put it. Is it not highly illogical to in essence punish those of us who didn’t contribute to QUANTUM OF SOLACE’s 70 plus million dollar opening weekend? You’d think that rather than send fans scurrying across the internet to dissect a poorly shot low quality YouTube bootleg (see video above), Paramount would be doing everything in its power to ensure that the millions of potential ticket buyers get re-introduced to STAR TREK in the most positive of ways.

Just a thought from one TV Addict who is very much rooting for J.J. Abrams’ take on this once storied franchise to live long and prosper.

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  • Jillian

    Okay… that made me excited. 🙂

  • I’m so mad since I went to Quantum to watch the new trailer only for them not to show it!

  • tim w. in tx

    I haven’t seen a ‘star trek’ movie in years. I use to watch the old reruns back in the days and was surprised when the movies started happening. I didn’t see them all. I lost interest. Will this re-interest me? Maybe. Looks good, but looks are often decieving. I love JJ Abrams so I’m hoping he has the ‘touch.’

  • theo

    I cant wait. I Hate Star Trek, but I love JJ.
    Iam excpecting a Greg Grunberg Cameo too.