5 Mysteries Surrounding Last Night’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

Cell Phone Faux Pas
When Dr. Heller’s phone call to Dave WIlliams interrupted band practice for a good three seconds of gratuitous product placement (see above photo), did anyone else take the opportunity to wonder if Sprint had any idea that their brand was quite literally being left in the hands of Wisteria Lane’s latest crazy? I mean talk about your awkward product placements.

Sibling Rivalry
And since we’re on the subject of awkwardness, it’s exactly how we imagine a family dinner at the Carver residence might feel. After real-life twins Charles and Max Carver, who play fictional Scavo hellians Porter and Preston respectively realize that one of them got the serious short-end of the stick in the story-line department!

Burnt Expectations
Now it’s possible that my expectations for a fire were a little skewed having just returned from Bond’s big blaze in the closing minutes of QUANTUM OF SOLACE. But for Marc Cherry to promise that last night’s blaze would be, “one of the biggest special-effects episodes we’ve ever done, actually more difficult than the tornado” is ridiculous. On what planet does a fire that looked like it could have been contained by a bucket of water qualify as one of the “biggest special-effects” episode DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES has ever done. And when exactly did fire become a special effect?

Weber What?
Steven Weber agreed to take on the thankless role of Julie’s thrice-divorced College professor/boyfriend why exactly?

24 Hours Earlier…
And finally, can we please put a moratorium on this hackneyed plot device. It’s was cool the first time I saw it on ALIAS. Every other so since then, not so much.

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  • md

    Way to spoil the ending of the new Bond film. 🙁

  • md,

    What Bond movie doesn’t end with some sort of explosion 🙂

  • TVFan

    Completely agree about everything. Especially poor Max Carver whose Preston Scavo has totally gone MIA (with the rest of the Scavo children)

  • tim w. in tx

    I agree. I was left disappointed in the episdoe. No major character death. Although, I guess it moved the crazy dave storyline upwards. As for the Carver twins, I was thinking the same thing last night, “why didn’t they (desperate) just hire one of the them to play twins?’ lol Steve Weber’s role was thankless. It was a one spot shot. Give him something to chew on. lol And was it me, or did u think Julie’s big hair and boring clothes made her 24? ala 5 years older? Me neither.

  • Tim,

    I never liked Julie and am hoping this was just a one episode guest stint. As for crazy Dave, who do you think he’s really after?

  • Fire is ABSOLUTELY a special / technical effect. And in the interview, Marc Cherry explained that the fire would not be as large as the tornado was, but most of the tornado was CGI. He meant that the fire was the biggest effect they’ve had to actually physically create and control themselves.

    Also, why hasn’t anyone commented on the scene where Lynette faces off against the angry husband? I haven’t been so engaged in a scene from DH like that in a long time.

    I’ll admit, I expected more as well… but overall a solid episode (minus Julie. She should have gone away for good haha).

    And I have a hunch that Dave is after Carlos.

  • bws

    At this point, it is too obvious that Dave is after Mike Delfino, right? I think that ship has sailed now.

    The Lynette confrontations were intense television viewing and I can see how the fire may have been a letdown for some people. I guess I had expected a mini season finale on Sunday but it looks like Dave isn’t quite done yet. To me, that was kind of surprising.

  • Dan

    I love every reference to Alias. Keep ’em coming!

  • Tantalizing_flame

    I also think that Dave is after Carlos. It’s the only one that makes sense. He has been in prison, he was the first name spotlighted on the band poster the night of the fire, and he’s the only one who can’t see Dave to identify a past with him if there happens to be one.