Could NBC Sudser’s DAYS Be Numbered?

While soap fans were thrilled by NBC’s recent decision to renew DAYS OF OUR LIVES, their excitement was tempered by reports that the soap’s extension would come with a major caveat in the form of massive budget cuts. Now, it appears that the first — and perhaps fatal — cuts will be the deepest, as the show’s most popular couple, Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall (who play supercouple John and Marlena) have been let go.

In some corners, this news has been met with the skepticism one might expect given that both actors have been “fired” from the show before in highly touted publicity moves. No DAYS fan needs — or particularly wants — to be reminded of the 2003 storyline in which Marlena was “killed off” after being revealed as the serial killer doing away with her friends and neighbors. Or last year’s tale in which John was “killed off” only to rise from his premature grave a few months later.

The problem is that for fans, this is a lose/lose scenario. If the show — already struggling in the ratings thanks to an endless series of lackluster plots — has really gotten rid of Hogestyn and Hall, it may prove to be a crippling blow. And if this is yet another publicity stunt, fed-up fans may not stick around to see how it unfolds. Given the sad state of daytime affairs, this may not be the best time for so drastic a move.

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  • Alison

    What! Oh man that makes me depressed. I’ve only been watching for like 3 years but I’m hooked, and I’m in high school lol

  • jess

    I really love Days but truthfully i watch for Ej and Sami and just recently started enjoying John and Marlena. But if you look at it logically as the most high profile of the couples they are probably the most expensive so cutting them saves money, also according the article on SOD they are being written off into the sunset so at least they get a happy ending.

  • tim w. in tx

    Oh don’t get me started on the state of “days.” Aarrrghhh. NBC’s only soap and it’s treated like an after thought on its schedule. I love John and Marlena when they have a storyline. And they haven’t had one since John died and then came back . . . to be a shadow of his former self. Since then, nada. The two actors are written out for weeks at a time with little or no explanation. Okay, so these 2 are probably 2 of the highest paid since they’ve been with the show since the 80’s if not before. lol I see the $ logic, but fans wants to see the faves. Not the newbies named Melanie that is nothing more than a ‘gossip girl’ wanna be. Okay, I’ll shut up now. lol

  • showtime

    I think there are other people they can cut out of the show like Chloe, Brady, Nicole, Stephanie etc. NBC is already displaying their budget cuts by hiring actors from failed soap opera Passions to join the Days cast. I think John and Marlena are crucial to the show, and may lose more viewers. I think I’ll miss John’s eyebrows the most.

  • Jennifer

    Awful writing is killing Days. It’s unbelievable how bad the show is. The only reason I hung on was J&M. Corday should be ashamed at how badly he mishandled his legacy. The show used to be so good, and there are so many talented actors who’ve been wasted for years. This year has to go down as the worst soap writing known to man. I don’t even think the head writer can follow her own storylines.

  • Carmichael

    Days has been a joke for years and years. It’s too bad it has been so mismanaged and written so badly. John and Marlena were fantastic, but obviously the network wants Alison Sweeney to be the star of the show, which is laughable of course.