Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Re: ONE TREE HILL

one tree hill

From: A TV Addict Reader
To: The TV Addict
Date: November 17, 2008 10:55:35PM
Subject: For The Love of God…

Message Body: … why did someone let Chad Michael Murray write last night’s episode of ONE TREE HILL? Why can’t actors just stick to acting?

Photo: Fred Norris /The CW ©2008

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  • Rocky

    totally agree .. OTH totally jump the shark with that episode
    Is there any clichée chad didnt include?
    that was horrible

  • ct

    The ONLY good thing about it was that song (Karen’s Cafe) that Hayley sang. I’d totally buy that.

  • John

    CMM is no writer and he proved that last night.

  • Kelly

    It’s not even that it CMM can’t write, it’s that the episode made no sense. There was no point to it, it didn’t further the plot of the season or anything. I literally wasted an hour of my life watching that episode.

  • Vanessa

    CT: I had the same reaction and went over to my trusty iTunes. What did I find, but an album that had all the songs Hayley sang last night. The album is Mission Bell by Everly (which is a duo of Bethany Joy Galeotti and some other girl).

    The episode however…very bad.

  • youknowwho

    Completely agree- another episode like that and I eliminate the show from my Monday night television for good.

  • Jennie

    As much as I don’t like to admit this, I’ve seen every episode of OTH…until tonight. After watching for 15 minutes, I deleted it from my Tivo without a second thought about it since it’s not like it had anything to do with the current storyline.

  • ct

    Vanessa: You’re my new best friend… call me every five minutes!

  • I haven’t watched it yet. And now I want to cause it sounds deliciously AWFUL! I didn’t know CMM wrote it either. Maybe he got himself confused with his character.

  • tim w. in tx

    Well, someone had to approve of this ep as is and shoot it. CMM wrote it, but the higher powers up agreed. Well, what’s that old saying, “stuff runs downhill?” lol

  • Jonah

    Guess we’re overanalyzing it. I tried to make some “connections” or “tie-ins” to the current plot, but Dan with Peyton’s mother? And now Peyton’s keeper? Just not enough substance for savvy viewers. Frankly, I’m sick of the overly lovey-dovey Haley and Nathan, then and now, too. Crimeny…how about some conflict, Mark? Deb might’ve helped last night’s fiasco. OTH needs another crazy nanny or murder to keep the viewers’ interest. Just watching people move around on screen without any ridiculously-exaggerated plot development is b-o-r-i-n-g.

  • Shafiii

    ugh i completely agree! This was a complete filler episode and it really disappointed me

  • MJ

    yeah this episode was such a filler, after 10 mins i started to do something else and saw the last minute where peyton grabbed her stomach i guess that was the only part i needed to know anyway, waste of time for those who did watch it 🙁

  • Arestia

    this episode pissed me off… If it wasn’t written by CCM who clearly thought that classic Hollywood meant cliche lines, no plot, and no acting skills… seriously, the acting was just painful to watch. Anyway, if it wasn’t for all that i might have liked it.
    well okay, i lie, the only thing i liked was after enduring an hour of CCM trying to be Humphrey Bogart, i would be reward by him getting shot, sadly that didn’t happen, but Peyton was a good second seeing as how her bad hair dye bothered me…
    the cinematography was pretty to look at though.
    so yeah, obviously this episode pissed me off… i shall wipe it from my memory.

  • ct

    But tell us, Arestia… how did you really feel about it?