Question of the DAY: Why So Serious Chuck Bass?

chuck bass

After perusing some recent photos of our favorite Upper East Siders for an upcoming GOSSIP GIRL related article, this TV Addict couldn’t help but wonder two things…

(a) Does Chuck Bass ever smile?
(B) Is Ed Westwick capable of more than one facial expression?

Photo Credit: CW Network 2008

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  • When Chuck smiles it always has an eerie Cheshire cat undertone to it. But he was all grins last night when he and Nate made up.

  • CC

    Chuck doesnt smile he sneers lol

  • Dee

    Chuck doesn’t need to smile.

    He’s Chuck Bass.

  • jess

    He doesn’t so much smile as smirk.

  • allie

    Who cares, he’s Chuck Bass and he’s so cool. The show would stink without him and Blair, and possibly Lily and Rufus. (If only we could get rid of that Aryn Rose guy. The “actor” who plays him is awful!)

  • Marissa

    I completely agree…Chuck don’t need to smile…he’s chuck bass and he’s the BEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW. Without Chuck and Blair…I would NOT be watching!

  • Jamie

    He actually has two other expresssions: “I’m planning something evil” and “My evil plan just worked.”

    And I agree with the others, who cares… he’s Chuck Bass!

  • tim w. in tx

    I’d say Chuck doesn’t smile cuz he hasn’t landed Blair, but then did he smile when he did?

  • Jocelyn

    He kinda… smirks? But really, have you seen him?! The guy oozes evil awesomeness – no matter what facial expression he wears.

  • I just feel bad for Westwick having to make that face all the time. It makes me recall the vague threats my Mother used to make when I was kid, doing stupid expressions. “If you make that funny face too long, it’ll get stuck there!”

  • Anguhluh

    if chuck bass smiled, he wouldnt be chuck bass now would he? anyhow, it is obvious that without the serious nd dirty chuck bass, the show would be awful!

  • chuckbass_lover

    it doesnt mater wat chuck bass did…he is why i watch the show nyway!! BECAUSE HE IS CHUCK BASS!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!