The LOST Season 5 Poster: What Does it Mean?

lost poster

Courtesy of AICN comes a first look at ABC’s Official LOST Season 5 Poster. Also courtesy of AICN comes another sleepless night, as this TV Addict feverishly attempts to decipher all the clues that LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse have planted within the poster. Here’s a few questions we’ve come up with thus far.

(1) Why are Kate and Sawyer peering directly into each-other’s eyes? (2) Why do Jack (Clean shaven no less!) and Kate virtually mirror Sawyer and Juliet in terms of positioning? (3) Where are Jin and Claire? (4) Where’s Locke’s coffin! (5) And finally, since when do Faraday, Miles, Charloette and Desmond warrant poster status?

Take a closer look for yourself by clicking here and feel free to point out what we’ve missed in the comments below.

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  • Daniel

    (1) Why are Kate and Sawyer are peering directly into each-other’s eyes?
    Because they miss each other
    (2) Why do a clean shaven Jack and Kate virtually mirror Sawyer and Juliet in terms of positioning? I don’t like this question, next…
    (3) Where are Jin and Claire? Jin is invisible and he is in the space the poster left at the right corner, Claire is with his dad talking to Jacob
    (4) Where’s Locke’s coffin! somewhere in the city
    (5) Since when do Faraday, Miles, Charloette and Desmond warrant poster status? Since the creators killed all the other characters and witout them it would look empty

  • mister_D

    Yea, about Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte… I’m personally kind of bummed that they seem so important. It kind of downplays the importance of the main cast we’ve grown to love.

    Also, suggestions of Sawyer and Juliet… I really hope it’s nothing more than trying to balance out the poster. Besides… Juliet is MINE! 😉

  • TVFan

    Am I crazy or does Kate look pregnant?

  • Hil

    I love Faraday, Miles, Charlotte and Desmond. I am glad they are on the advertisement. I prefer to focus on the characters that clearly have something add to the mystery and for me they are helping the plot along more than stoned out Claire (ghost!Claire?) or ghost!Charlie or ghost!Jin. Come to think about it, who are we missing that’s clearly still among the living?

  • kerry

    1 Kate and sawyer peering into each others eyes,
    Think its fairly obvious really but anyway they are parted and shock horror might actually miss each other.

    2 It is Jack and Sawyer who are mirroring each other stance wise with Kate and Juliet behind them, leader ship dymanic maybe?

    3 Jin and Claire not being there
    keeping them hidden away

    4. Lockes coffin
    L.A somewhere i guess

    5 Locke and Ben on each of the right sides looking on to the others with superior knowledge and guiding them all back maybe?

  • Alyssa

    Claire isn’t going to be in season 5 at all so that’s probably why she’s not on the poster.

  • Nick.C.

    Faraday, Miles, Charloette and Desmond warrant poster status because they are GREAT characters!Thank god they infused them into the story….

    On a side note.LOST is so good!Even the poster for a new season elicits intrigue.

  • Alex

    are you serious?!?!

    DESMOND totally deserves to be on the poster… he is one of the best characters on the show and a huge fan favorite.

    as for the other 3…. the only one who warrants to be on there should be Faraday…. not those other two.

    and i do, too, wonder where is Jin? ={

    and Claire its obviousy bc she was put on a holding contract to return for Season 6 and miss Season 5.

    so all in all i love the poster very much.

    and i agree kate & sawyer are looking at each other missing there sexy bodies

  • blueberry

    It means that I only have one show that I watch on ABC, and quite possibly on any network, now.

    Because, you know, Pushing Daisies is done.

  • I may be naive (or out of the Lost-fanatic world too long) but I think the positioning is compositional, not clue-worthy. Though I suppose it could reference the relationship we know Kate and Jack have and Sawyer and Juliet might develop as they become leaders on the island.

    Jin isn’t on the poster because as far as we know for sure, he’s dead. He was on an exploding freighter.

  • theo

    it was confirmed on wiki that jin is not dead and will be a main role in season 5.

  • jerry_beck

    Jin not dead? how is that? -:)

  • Destiny looks unlucky for the 13: The bright light in the city background of Jack and the gang and that strange cloud next to “LOST” looks like a nuclear blast is on the horizon if they don’t go back.