With apologies in advance for our spectacularly unimaginative acronym, interrupts what should have been a highly enjoyable night of television (or to be more specific: UGLY BETTY, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, GREY’S ANATOMY, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE and LIFE ON MARS) to bring you some Awfully Bad Cancellation News.

ABC has officially pulled the plug on PUSHING DAISIES, ELI STONE and DIRTY SEXY MONEY.

And while the Alphabet Network has yet to ‘officially’ cancel the shows ā€” most likely to avoid the deluge of lipstick that NBC is currently accumulating as a result of their shoddy treatment of LIPSTICK JUNGLE. Entertainment Weekly, E! Online and The Hollywood Reporter have all gone ahead, and ‘exclusively’ reported that all three shows will not be shooting any episodes past their initial 13 episode order.

That said, there is a silver lining to this troubling trifecta of cancellations. In what will undoubtedly be seen as a futile attempt to cushion the blow, ABC has announced that they’ve ordered four more episodes of the season’s best new show LIFE ON MARS in addition to confirming that SCRUBS will make its Alphabet Network debut on Tuesday, Jan. 6, at 9 p.m.

Once again, this Awfully Bad Cancellation News not to mention incredibly lame acronym has been brought to you by ABC. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  • allie

    I’m going to miss DSM the most. It’s such a guilty pleasure – Brian’s grown on me and I’m going to miss him the most. I’ll also miss Eli Stone. Pushing Daisies was OK but a little too whimsical for me I think, plus the fact that Chuck and Ned could never actually be together was already starting to frustrate me. They were all good shows though. Oh well. I’m not distraught over any of them, not like I was with Moonlight last season. All I wished for this season was for The Mentalist to be a hit, and it’s doing well so I can’t complain. I am sorry for other die hard fans though. RIP Brian šŸ™

  • DB

    i LOVE all three shows! Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies are the most unique and quirky shows on TV right now, and Dirty Sexy Money is my choice of guilty pleasure…..although I’ve been expecting the ax since this morning….i know PD would get cancel today, it’s too whimsical and eccentric for American TV.

  • pitos88

    That sucks but fortunately i have gg

  • tezuka

    too bad that its finally happening… I love two of the three shows here! (haven’t started on Eli yet, but have always wanted to)

    when will the final episode of these three be shown? have they scheduled yet?

  • Crono

    I can’t believe Eli and Pushing are getting the ax. Why is it that great shows that offer unique, refreshing and lighthearted views on heavy subjects (God and death) have to be the ones to go. They continue once again to astound me by metaphorically saying “America’s stupid so let’s get rid of shows that might make them think.” ABC should be ashamed of themselves

  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t understand why it seems like it’s the quality shows that always struggle to get viewers. Two and A Half Men sucks and it’s one of the highest rated shows there is. Pushing Daisies is brilliant and fun and funny and heartwarming, and it’s done. This just sucks. They had better air every single episode of Daisies that was shot.

    On the bright side, yay for Scrubs. It almost makes up for the fact that ABC has aired According to Jim for countless seasons.

  • Josh Emerson

    I just saw part of ABC’s schedule that was announced. How wrong is it that the lead-in for Scrubs is…..According to Jim? Seriously, how could they pair a comedy with ATJ?

  • JRM

    I swear i am never watching a single show ever again in my entire life on ABC. I’m sick of networks canceling shows i like. I loved DSM.

  • Rocky

    as bad as it is because I loved pushing daisies I think its great for another IMO great TV show
    now fuller can go back to the heroes set and we fans will hopefully see a succsess again like in season 1 that imo was also due to fuller and not kring
    that guy obviously has no idea what heis talking about

  • BHcolin

    It takes me back when ABC cancelled China Beach, Thirtysomething and Twin Peaks all at the same time.
    I really enjoyed all three of these shows. Eli was so hopeful. DSM was just pure fun, loved that family. And Daisies, wow just beautiful to watch and the cast was amazing.
    I always get into the shows that just don’t make it. I understand they need to make money, and the shows had low rating but in PD and DSM case they were off the air longer than they had been on last fall — no repeats, no splashy comeback – they seemed doom to fall (though Iwished for them to succeed)

    Here’s hoping Friday Night Lights comes back with solid rating on NBC.

  • BHcolin

    Here’s the thing- couldn’t they order one (maybe two) more episode(s) for each and just wrap some sh-t up. Cause you know that the 13th episodes won’t have a series ending quality.

  • ewanspotter

    Utter shame about Daisies. D:

  • paketep

    ABC sucks. And what is worse, they’re going to leave us hanging. F****ers.

  • Linda B.

    With regards to Eli Stone, why did they bother renewing it if they weren’t even going to give it much of a chance this season? Quirky different shows need time to build an audience. I’m really disappointed about this one.

  • ct

    let’s face facts: All three shows were renewed for one reason and one reason only: the writers strike. As a result of the strike, there were very few shows ready to go. So the networks brought back shows that hadn’t gotten great ratings the previous season in the hope that maybe, just maybe, they could make it work in season two.

  • Naf

    This is terrible news. All three shows were favorites of mine, Eli Stone especially. I can’t help but be mad at ABC, but at least they renewed these shows for second seasons. I’m most mad at the American public. All three shows have been getting terrible ratings, and Pushing Daises hit an all time low this week. Eli Stones audience dropped by 30% within the hour. Even the people who gave these shows a chance didn’t warm to them, so I can understand why ABC doesn’t want to waste money making them. But still, almost every show I love is on the brink of cancellation. Only ABC’s deal to give Lost an end date gives me any hope for a show. If Chuck goes next, i’m jumping out my window.

  • blueberry

    I have to look on the bright side.

    Pushing Daisies is one of those shows where you can watch any episode over and over again, because, at least to me, it’s just that good.

    On the haterade side:

    I wonder what piece of shit shows ABC will put on now. Maybe another procedural a la CBS or a lame reality show a la FOX . . . NBC, CBS, CW, etc. etc.

  • Nick

    Don’t worry, folks! ABC still has According to Jim returning in Jan. for its SEVENTH season.

    I guess the networks have finally gotten the message: Americans are utter idiots who cannot and will not think or enjoy cutting-edge new programs. Thus, we get D-listers dancing and prancing, while viewers sit wide-eyed, transfixed, squealing “Ooooo!” and patty-cake clapping like an infant.

  • Linda B.

    I thought i heard that Pushing Daisies beat Knight Rider this week. So how does it get rewarded for that feat? By getting cancelled šŸ™

  • Jean

    I can’t spread enough hate for ABC for what they have done to Eli Stone. Screw Them! Yes indeed, it it quirky and that does take time to build an audience. ABC did nothing to promote it.

  • You know, as sad as it is, I can’t be mad at ABC. Unlike lots of other networks, it gave all it’s struggling first season shows a second chance (there were barely any new shows on its fall lineup). I wish they’d given these shows a full season but other than that, they basically had to look at what was fiscally right for them.

    I’m going to miss Pushing Daisies. I just started watching this season and I enjoyed it.

  • I have never felt so disappointed over the cancellation of a show as I do about Eli Stone. It angers me that shows like Knight Rider, According to Jim and Two and a Half Men are still on air, when quality, inspiring, thought-provoking TV programming gets the axe. Now I know how all the Moonlight and Jericho fans felt.

  • Jennifer

    I am so upset about Eli Stone and DSM. I like PD but expected this last year. What will they replace them with more crap like DWTS? Or how about another Bachelor show (I have never watched one of them) I agree crap like 2 1/2 men, ATJ are still on the air and dont get me started on Reality shows – Survivor, AI, TAR and the like can all go away or I will just turn off the TV .

    Just so pissed and disappointed right now.

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  • Monica M

    I am heartbroken over Daisies. It is tempting to be upset with the network but really we need to be upset with the masses that refuse to watch unique and intelligent shows. I am also annoyed that creators of such unique shows even bother with the networks. They should only go after the cable channels for such shows. I think dedicated TV viewers are disillusioned with the network system. For me I will be hard pressed to watch any new shows. Iā€™m tired of the heartache.

  • K

    They need to update the rating system. It’s as simple as that.
    These shows are being watched in many new formats, and those viewers are not being counted.

    After watching this week’s PD, I am incredibly sad. No other show has that level of wit and beauty, while being simultaneously poignant and lighthearted.

    Hopefully, another channel will pick it up. *fingers crossed*

  • JESS

    Awww that totally sucks I really like DSM now i’ve lost LJ and DSM what wrong with letting a show build an audience I mean come on if things had been this way years ago we would never have seen Dallas or Cheers and they were both great shows. We need our guilty pleasures especially during this hard times.

  • Karen

    Seriously?! Cancel Eli Stone & PD, but bring back nonsense like Scrubs? Egad. ABC lost two viewers in under a minute. Seriously, how long before ABC tanks, I give it a few years at most. Not only do they NOT promote, but they keep canceling quality & leaving crap.

  • tim w. in tx

    Too bad ABC didn’t add “private practice’ to that list. I didn’t even try to watch that show again after its first dismal season. As for the others, how can we be surprised? Low ratings = no revenue= no money. Ah, the state of TV. I just hope we don’t get 2 more hours of ‘dancing’ or some other reality show.

  • Nick.C.

    Every season a good show gets canceled.For me this year it’s ELI STONE.I LOVE that show.I just hope we get some sort of a resolution.

    Is there any kind of Save Eli thing going on?I was a part of the Jericho nuts thing so i hope something can be done.

    On the bright side my favorite new show of this season ,LIFE ON MARS is coming back.Please let it last.I dig it big time….

  • foursweatervests

    DANG IT! Eli Stone is part of my grad school application statement of purpose (screen cultures/media studies programs). This does not bode well for me, and now I can’t even drown my sorrows in the color and heart of Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone.

  • Cris

    God! Pushing Daisies was quality TV!!! a really really made you feel good show, for the whole family even. I will miss you the most…..

  • Joe

    To the one hoping that Friday Night Lights comes back strong on NBC, it won’t. It is off of the network and being aired on DirecTV101. And so far, this is the best season yet.

    For the other shows, never watched Eli, but the other 2 are 2 of my favorites, and they’ll be missed. It’s not the network’s fault though. Let’s face it, most American TV viewers are pretty dim, and will not watch a show that doesn’t allow their brain to shut off for an hour or so…

  • ABC seems to be notorious for dropping shows in midseason. Last year it was October Road and now Eli Stone (two of my favorites), I find it unbelievable tht they cancel entertaining shows while so many cruddy programs remain intact. My only solution is to stop watching ABC programming, so I won’t be disappointed in the future.

  • Kelly

    I am very upset about the cancelation of Eli Stone. I really enjoyed that show. It was my “must see t.v.” I am sad that all the trashy, filthy, and anti-family shows are what the public want to see. I guess a show that talks in a positive light on God, faith and a “love for thy neighbor” just isn’t what the American public want to see. Too bad ABC doesn’t have the guts to be different and stick by a quality show long enough for the viewers to get behind it.

  • Jill La Rocque

    I cannot believe that ELI STONE and DIRTY SEXY MONEY are being
    cancelled. These are just about the only 2 shows I watch either on
    line or on DVR. I really believe that there is a HUGE audience of
    these shows that is not properly being represented.

    It has been done before ….good, decent shows are cancelled and
    replaced by a mid season junker, but shows have been saved by fans
    contacting the network and telling them how awful it would be if the
    show was cancelled……and it saved the outcome of the show.
    Supposidly they are going by Neilson Ratings, but it does not capture
    people who DVR, TIVO it or watch it on the web. . I know you all are
    busy but it would only take a few minutes of your time. If you can
    send this to everyone you know……maybe you can help me save the

    This is the direct link to the page for feedback to ABC.

  • CMS

    I am shocked and horrified that Eli Stone was canceled! SUCH a huge disappointment. What a poor decision!





  • G B

    A little late in posting but… HOORAY!!

    ABC’s programming has been going down the dumper for years and these are just the tip of the proverbial iceburg… I hope. They would do better to bring back re-runs of B&W classisc and oldies from the 50’s than to keep plunging down the toilet they are living in.