Good News, Bad News: CHUCK, GREY’S ANATOMY & Reality TV

Good News: Last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY scored its largest audience since its season premiere. Bad News: No doubt giving ABC the wrong idea that we actually enjoy Izzie’s foray into ghost whispering. [Source]

Good News: With less Americans tuning into unscripted fair such as ARE YOU SMARTER THAT A 5th GRADER and DEAL OR NO DEAL, it turns out their is a silver lining to these dour economic times. Bad News: Much to our chagrin, TWO AND A HALF MEN is apparently recession proof. [Source]

Good News: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Tricia Helfer has signed on to guest star in an upcoming episode of CHUCK. Bad News: Continuing to give Nerds everywhere false hope. We’re just sayin’ Only on TV do girls like Yvonne Stahovski and Tricia Helfer fall for guys like Chuck Bartowski. [Source]

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  • Josh Emerson

    Less Americans are also tuning in to scripted series. Grey’s lost like 6 million viewers. So that kinda cancels out the drop in reality viewership.

  • Only on TV do guys like Chuck Bartowski look like Zach Levi….

  • allie

    I love Grey’s. I don’t care that the Izzie/Denny storyline is ridiculous. I’m trying to ignore the logic and go with it. I’m just delighted that they are together again because they are soul mates. Awwwww.

    The thing that did annoy me about Grey’s was the interns doing that appe. I mean seriously, who in the world would ever think that’s a good idea. They need to get rid of Melissa George’s character. She’s trouble with a capital T and the way she calls Meredith ‘death’ bugs the heck out of me!

  • blueberry


    It’s hard to imagine that a woman would be attracted to a tall, good-looking man.

  • Julien

    Who went to stanford and is obvisouly uber-smart

    Chuck is far from the “generic” nerd

    I always hated that chuck is sold as a “geek” show

    Why is he a geek ? videogame culture ? because he likes computer ?

    I can understand that Morgan is a geek (CoD4 map)

  • randa

    Yes. What they said. About Chuck being a hot nerd.

    And yeah, when is Izzy’s dementia and the intern insanity going to end? Well I guess the interns are suspended so that takes care of that.

  • Linda B.

    I’ve been enjoying the Dr. Hunt / Christina storyline on Grey’s. I love how they’re taking that relationship slow. It’s very romantic.

  • Vanessa

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