Separated at Birth: Horatio Sanz and Kevin Smith

This morning’s inspiration for our latest edition of “Separated at Birth” comes courtesy of EW’s news that former SNLer Horatio Sanz has been cast in ABC’s midseason comedy IN THE MOTHERHOOD. Agree? Disagree? Wondering how Horatio Sanz went from this to this? Post away.

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  • he looks Great! And they do look eeriely similar!

  • Wow!

  • ct

    OMG! That’s CRAZY!

  • jill baer

    OMG…..horatio looks awesome…..he looks like a totally different person? II want the name of his diet guru! What a transformation. The similarity with Kevin is uncanny.

  • greg

    i thought is was Dean Cain at first.

  • Frank

    Yeah but only one of them as actually funny.

  • Greg, I totally don’t see Dean Cain there. Not even a little. Though I respect your totally wrong opinion. 😉