The Usual Suspects: Choose Season Seven’s Ultimate 24 Baddie

On our recent visit to the set of 24, actress Cherry Jones (President Allison Taylor) let it slip that the big joke among the cast when shooting a scene is that, “whoever gets the last look is the mole (read: bad guy).”

Which is why this TV Addict couldn’t help but wonder, as the camera lingered on certain cast members just enough for the audience to register the obligatory “shifty eyes,” who will be the seventh season’s ultimate baddie when 24 returns in January?

Here’s our take on the suspects (left to right). As per usual, feel free to add yours in the comments below.

1. Henry Taylor (Colm Feore): You don’t bring on an actor of Colm Feore’s stature unless you were planning on giving him some serious scenes to chew. Plus, he’s Canadian. Which if we’re to believe any of the recent campaign rhetoric means he’s probably a socialist.

2. Ethan Kanin (Bob Gunton): Two words, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

3. John Hodges (Jon Voight): After last night’s movie, the question isn’t whether or not Jon Voight is a bad guy. I mean hello!? We’re talking a Jon Voight character here. The question is really, just how bad is he? Disgraced Senator Ted Stevens white collar crime bad, or something far more insidious?

4. Roger Taylor (Eric Lively): If we’ve learned anything from 24 — well, aside from the fact that you always bet on Jack — it’s that you can tell an awful lot about a character from the friends he (or she) chooses to associate with. Subsequently, it doesn’t bode well for Roger Taylor that his best friend is a drug addict financial sleaze-bag who ends up six feet under by episodes end.

5. Olivia Taylor (Sprague Grayden): And speaking of morale fiber. The fact that Olivia Taylor couldn’t even be bothered to show up to her mother’s Presidential Inauguration sure says a lot about the First Daughter’s character.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    It’s gotta be Hodges. Why hire Jon Voight if he isn’t the ultimate Big Bad?

    And I am on record now that there is no way that Tony is bad. I say there is a reveal by episode 4 or 5 in which a rogue CTU type unit, of which Tony is member, is working to bring down Hodges.

  • SimplyKimberly,

    I am complete 100% agreement with you!

  • Marissa

    Please not Eric Lively (I can’t believe he’s Blake lively’s bro)…he’s gorgeous and I love him on the show!!!

  • mister_d

    Isn’t the question with 24 more along the lines of; Who’s Not a bad guy? I think Henry Taylor is probably good because they’ve already done the devious presidential spouse thing.

  • abcohen

    who cares?? what a snooze fest.