Week in Rewind: UGLY BETTY, TERMINATOR, 90210 & More!

BETTY’s Back: Marc and Betty’s all too brief (see video above) albeit incredibly heart-warming moment at the end of Thursday’s BETTY was the highlight of what is shaping up to be an increasingly entertaining season. And no, we’re not just saying that because Michael Urie is our new Twitter BFF.

9021Oh-Oh: Here’s something for the brains behind 90210 to ponder while their show is on holiday hiatus. Thanks to Tuesday’s not-so-subtle hint at an unexpected bundle of joy for Adrianna, an absolutely ridiculous story involving Annie hiding the fact that she’s the school mascot and the truly unoriginal idea that the Wilson family’s newly discovered half-brother Sean is (surprise, surprise) up to no good, this TV Addict will be spending his holiday hiatus debating whether or not to return to the zip when 90210 returns in January.

Hasta La Vista Toby Zeigler: TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES showrunner Josh Friedman may not makes thing easy with his penchant for time travel story-lines that make our head spin. But after giving us an hour of the artist formerly known as David Silver (Brian Austin Green) going manno a manno the artist formerly known as Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff) we’re willing to let it go.

Unwelcome Returns: While this TV Addict is the first to admit that ABC’s sudden cancellation of ELI STONE, DIRTY SEXY MONEY and PUSHING DAISIES may have put a damper on what should have been a fantastic night of television. Toby’s return on THE OFFICE and Denny’s unfortunate never-say-die attitude on GREY’S ANATOMY had us regretting the fact we saved SUPERNATURAL for weekend viewing.

Wednesday Funnies: With record ratings, it seems that America has finally caught on to what this TV Addict has been saying for three seasons now. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE is one of television’s funniest half hours. And at the risk of losing any TV cred I may have built up over the past three years, I don’t hate GARY UNMARRIED.

  • ckblue

    I wouldn’t return to watch 90210 as much i love to see kelly and brenda, the show has gotten stupid. Adrianna is a character with some substance but the fact that she just got over a drug addiction and now to top it all off she’s pregnant i mean come on! i know the older series a lot happened to different characters but that was over a span of what 10 years/seasons? Now it just seems like theyre rushing stuff.

  • TVFan

    I too loved Terminator and Betty…. but Gary Unmarried…. surely you jest?

  • I agree about rushing things. I feel like storylines with some pretty good potential are introduced, then quickly wrapped up and thrown out on 90210. My concern is for the writers — how the hell are they going to keep coming up with “good” ideas?

    Also… am I the only one disappointed overall with Naomi? Annalynne McCord played so fantastically, and I was hoping she would bring some of that finesse to Naomi. Not the villainous I’d hoped for 🙁

  • *edit that last comment haha… she played EDEN so fantastically.
    (side note… i’m so pumped for nip/tuck to come back).

  • Andy,

    I couldn’t agree more. Analynne McCord was a revelation on NIP/TUCK and in my books, the next big thing. How 90210 has failed to harness her villainy by saddling her with such an incredibly lame character is beyond me. I mean have the 90210 showrunners even seen NIP/TUCK?

  • Jonah

    Sheesh….too much stuff happening too quick? Are you people kidding me? Do you not realize that in today’s extremely-fickle TV climate, producers/shows HAVE to get plotlines moving along at rapid pace, or risk the loss of audience and cancellation altogether.

    I say, BRING IT ON. Haven’t we all seen what happens when One Tree Hill tries to play it slow and easy? It couldn’t BE more boring.

    Hard to imagine ANY story with Annie interesting me. But Sean? That one has potential.

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  • tim w. in tx

    “Ugly Betty’s’ showing more heart this season and maybe New York is to blame. =) lol As for 90210, I was surprised I got thru the ep and then to hear it was off til jan, I too, was like, “am i even coming back?” Adrianna and Silver BFF’s. After one lame slumber party? The characters are so thinly written, I half expect them to fall. lol AnnaLynne is fab on ‘nip/tuck’ and here she has to ‘kiss the mascot.” OH. Puhleeze. Lame. I’d roll my eyes but I have a headache after that ep. =)

  • EKI

    They cancelled Eli Stone?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!

    Isn’t there any fan movement to send subpoenas to ABC directors so they don’t cancel this show?
    Can we all sue them?
    Would Eli represent us in this lost ca(u)se?

    Damn you, TVAddict. You just ruined my day…


    FYI, “manno e manno” would be better “mano a mano”, which would be spanish for “hand to hand”, an expression used much like for “a one on one conforntation”

  • Vanessa

    Is my memory tricking me or were you, TVAddict, not the one who proclaimed on your very own podcast to watch every single episode of 90210 regardless of how bad it was? Normally I don’t recall things like this, but I think it stuck with me as I thought you were nuts with the awful reviews it was getting! 🙂

  • Vanessa,

    I also proclaimed I’d stick with ONE TREE HILL and HEROES! I probably should stop making these blanket proclamations.

  • Jamie P

    I dont hate Gary Unmarried either. In fact, I kinda like it!

  • Edward

    okok tvaddict whats wrong with heroes

    i had such good expectations about 90210, i loved Analynne in Nip/Tuck (when does it comes out by the way) an she’s such a disapointment, at least her character. i dont know why u are still thinking of seing it in Jan theres no way.