Good News, Bad News: TERMINATOR, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Horatio Sanz & More!

Good News: According to a recent report, Americans are watching more TV than ever. Bad News: Notable exceptions to ‘more TV than ever’ unfortunately include PUSHING DAISIES, ELI STONE and DIRTY SEXY MONEY. [Source]

Good News: TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES delivered two fairly shocking reveals in last night’s can’t miss episode. Bad News: With a season low 4.62 million viewers, most of you missed it! Begging the question, what’s the deal? [Source]

Good News: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA unveils an epic final season promo. Bad News: There’s still 49 days until the Frakkin’ season premiere! [See Video]

Good News: Horatio Sanz reveals his weight loss secret. Bad News: Turns out eating better and exercise are kind of a big deal. Which is a shame, because this TV Addict was sort of hoping his ‘secret’ didn’t involve eating less burgers, pizza and hot dogs. [Source]

  • Nick.C.

    Does anyone know of a save ELI campaign going on(like the Jericho nuts send in).

    I wish all shows that were on at least one season,then get canceled. Would get a 2hours sum up finale.I want closure if its over.

  • Josh Emerson

    Americans watching more TV than ever sounds strange, since basically every show has lost tons of viewers this season. I guess more and more people are watching cable instead of network TV.

    I watched the first season of Terminator and it didn’t hold my interest enough to watch Season 2, when other shows were back on the air.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I am on my rewatch of the entire BSG series. I started Sunday. Watching the mini-series was such a trip seeing all of the ironic things that were said and done in light of all that follows. Saul Tigh saying the Cylons could be anyone was particularly awesome.

  • Edward

    ok lets see why are u all crying about eli stone when the real problem is the cancelation of dirty sexy money, eli stone was… hmm lest leave it in “not that good”

    loved the Terminator episode never expected the Riley’s… stunt (for does of u that havent seen it)

    hey i was wondering does anyone knows how many episodes will BattleStar will have?

    the tvaddict i dont know if u have seen son’s of anarchy, never see u talk about it, really good show if u have the time.

  • TVFan

    LOVED Terminator. While obviously Garret Dillahunt was coming back, the Riley twist I did not see coming.

  • Nick.C.

    Edward ,at first i was kinda offended that you dissed all of the ELI fans.Then you said Son’s of Anarchy is a good show.Basically making your opinion crap.

  • Edward,

    I haven’t seen SONS OF ANARCHY because we don’t have FX in Canada, but when it does get here, most likely on Showcase, I’ll definitely check it out. Big Katy Sagal fan.

  • Edward

    to clarify i didnt want to offend nobody.
    In my opinion Eli is a crapy show whitout a plot line to follow a guy that hears god voice through a most likely to be tumor and solve cases isnt a good story. I think there must be a reason why it was cancelled.
    About sons of anarchy, it is a good show, guns, motorcycles, girls, deaths what else do u ask for.
    question why do u think sons is a bad show?

  • Nick.C.

    It’s all just opinions.
    If you want to talk negatively about a show many here like.
    Fine.Tv quality is different for every person.

    I should not have called your opinion crap.
    Happy Thanksgiving…

  • matt hancock

    terminator is the best show on tv i never miss it and if you didnt like season 1 watch season 2 it is so not the same show it was then i hope more people tune in i want season 3 bad.