Win The Greatest Gift of All!

No really. In celebration of today’s release of Stephen Colbert’s A COLBERT CHRISTMAS, is thrilled, nay, honored to be giving away one copy of the DVD to a lucky reader.

So if you’d like to win what Stephen Colbert proclaims, in typical Colbert fashion, “The Greatest Gift of All!” Simply let us know in the comments below what your actual favorite gift of all ever was. And be sure to check your email on December 2, 2008 to see if you’re a winner.

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  • AJ Mattia

    My actual favorite gift of all, was Christmas 2007, my mother survived three cardiac ablations and a new pace maker being implanted in her after the old was found to be defective.

  • Bruce

    Electric train when I was a kid. I was convinced I wasn’t going to get it because my parents had taken it apart and put it in multiple boxes, but as I opened each box my excitement grew. I had been preparing myself to be disappointed.

  • sue branderhorst

    Our Best Christmas – The year we decided to spend all our Christmas money in one place – a donation to a veterinary hospital.

    We put up all our decorations and had a lovely Christmas dinner but did not purchase any new seasonal items.

    It was the most stress free Christmas we have ever had. No pressure to find the perfect gift or shop any ofthe sales, either before or after Christmas. Wonderful! We felt so calm and actually enjoyed the entire season more than ever before.

  • Jen

    My favorite Christmas gift ever was a Sega Genesis in 1993. Sounds so superficial, but it’s true.

  • bws

    Super Nintendo… whatever year it was the absolute hottest thing. My parents made me sell my original nintendo to justify the new cost. It came with a price but it was ohhhh so worth it.

  • eddie

    favorite gift: TiVo in 2005

  • Klo

    My first iPod. Haven’t listened to the radio since.

  • blueberry

    My Nintendo 64. Huzzah.

  • My 1st Gen iPod Nano… even though my iPod touch is way cooler, my first iPod changed my life forever 😀

  • Andrew

    My trenchcoat

  • BobMac

    An iPod Photo

  • ewanspotter

    My favorite gift of all has not happened yet… but here’s to hope: Early season pick up of Supernatural. 😀

  • I remember being thrilled the year I got a Baby Alive, back when it was amazing that a doll could eat and, erm…need diaper changes. 🙂

  • becky

    my puppy when i was 16.

  • brynhildur

    My favorite gift was when I finally got a cat when I was 12 after begging for one for a veeery long time.

    And also when my sister gave me the third season of Veronica Mars and the first season of Friday Night Lights!
    (my sister gives the best gifts….that’s why I really wanted to get her A Colbert Christmas.. but it’s waay to expensive to order something from the US now in my country)

  • Victoria

    That would be the dollhouse that my dad built for me when I was 8 or 9. A beautiful three story victorian with hardwood floors. The best part was that he didn’t paint it. I LOVED painting things like that when I was a kid so I also got a set of brushes and paints in a bunch of different colors. I spent weeks looking at Victorian Houses in books from the library before I decided on a color scheme. Apparently I was a very picky nine year old.

  • Beth

    A trip to England when I was 15, it was the first time i had ever been out of the country and the first time I took a trip without the rest of my family.

  • Andy

    My car, it might have been a hand me down but I loved driving myself everywhere. Life hasn’t been the same, or as cheap, since.

  • The best gift I received is my son!

  • Pat Connors

    My daughter would was going to be a Christmas baby, but she came four days late.

  • Susan

    There was always a doll I wanted when I was little. I especially remember Thumbelina.

  • mark

    best Gift …… Money

  • Linda Pinto

    Usually I got one doll for Christmas when I was a kid, but one year due to a mixup on the part of my parents, I got two dolls. Yeah.

  • Brian

    One Christmas morning, I was sent out to get something from the porch. Out there was a minibike. I couldn’t believe it was for me and came back in and asked whose it was.

  • Anne L.

    If I win the Stephen Colbert DVD, this will be the greatest Christmas of all.

  • Gloria Dornin

    Mine was an 8″ doll from the back of a cereal box

  • Lori

    My favorite gift of all was a wedding proposal.

  • Amanda Caruthers

    My favorite gift of all was a pair of shoes I got from my mom the Christmas before she passed away. No one got a lot that year but we all got to be with mom one more Christmas and that was really the greatest gift!

  • Alicia Webster

    When I was in the 7th grade, I was obsessed with the color purple. When my relatives asked me what I wanted for X-mas, I said that I didn’t care as long as it was purple. What a wonderful day it was! I got a purple bedroom set, purple towels, a purple robe and slippers, purple clothes for school, purple nailpolish, purple notebooks and a purple diary, and much more . I was in Heaven!!!
    Alicia Webster

  • Juliette Johnson

    My college tuition was my best present.

  • Julie

    An IPod.

  • Terra H

    My favorite gift ever was my diamond engagment ring. Hubby did really good!!

  • Samantha Pruitt

    a woody allen tote bag that my friend made for me!

  • jason fiske

    My best and favorite gift was a trip to Rockerfeller Plaza to isce skate and then go see the Radio City Rockettes.

  • Kathy Conley

    It was a chord organ when I was a child!

  • Alan Deutsch

    I remember when all I wanted to do was sleep in for a day. My parents let me. That was cool

  • A hockey game where you move the players around.

  • kathy pease

    a police a nosy person 🙂

  • Pamela White

    My bst gift was a diamond ring.

  • Heather C

    I got the coolest pair of boots when I was 8. I wore those things OUT.

  • Ken Hollar

    My Red Ryder BB Gun, when I was 6.

  • Charlene Kuser

    My best gift of all was a Bible my mother gave me for Christmas
    with my name engraved on it